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Mr. Chopper 06-04-2003 02:34 PM

Two Problems
First, I'm trying to make a pipe, a rather small one (but not microscopic). I can make it ok, I just create a long brush, and change the number of sides to 20 or so. But then the texture I put on it gets all messed up. Second, I added a model of a lightsaber to my map, but it WILL NOT rotate. Angle, angleS keys don't do a darn thing. :( Massive help needed

rgoer 06-04-2003 02:41 PM

Hmmm, is there any reason in particular that you don't want to use a patch mesh for your pipe? Just create a long rectangular prism (a normal, four sided brush) that is apporximately the length and diameter of the pipe you want to create, then, from the "curves" menu, choose "cylinder." You may have to hit ctrl+i to "invert" the normals of the patch mesh, if the patch you create looks like the texture is on the inside instead of the outside. If this "pipe" isn't long enough, you can select it and resize it as if it were a brush (just be careful, since it is going to be small in your case, that you only resize it length-wise... it is easy to deform a patch beyond repair if you start dragging its edges in random directions).

rgoer 06-04-2003 02:44 PM

As for the rotation of your lightsaber model:

Are you quite sure you are doing everything correctly? Which lightsaber model is it (what is the path to it)? It is a .md3 model, right? Are you sure you are entering the "angles" key properly, and a value in the format "x y z" (a la "0 90 0")? I have used the angles key many times, now, without any problem...

Leslie Judge 06-04-2003 06:57 PM

Note: the angles key is GtkRadiant and q3map2 specific.

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