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Rockstar 06-14-2003 05:18 AM

not questioning anything...... but WHY was "Link Swamwalker" banned?? :confused:

this is an opinion poll?? that is his opinion?? his language was starred out?? he made no direct offense to any other user??
why was that thread closed?? darth maul is a fictional character? i love him but im not gonna weep if one person doesn't like him???

just to make it clear, i in no way question the integrety of the moderators here, i am simply curiouse :)

btw mods plz don't move this because this thread is in reference to this section of the board as the event occured here. you can move it in a couple of days but i'd like to see the responses of those on this board (whom the thread actually concerns)

thanks all ;)

StormHammer 06-14-2003 09:34 AM

When someone spouts a load of garbage that has absolutely no relevence to the forum in which it is posted, it's known as Trolling. We don't tolerate trolls on these forums. If Swamwalker thinks he's been unfairly treated, then he can contact me and argue his case, and explain why he posted that nonsense in the Jedi Academy forum. Considering he registered in March, he's had long enough to read the forum rules, and accept the consequences of his action.

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