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Incredible_d 06-16-2003 07:40 PM

Favorite Characters And Why
I posted this thread specifically so that we could discuss favorite characters.

As some of you probably know, my favorite character is Number Two. He can do anything and make it funny. He has no quirks to restrict him, and no long-running characteristics other than his strange voice, his pronunciation problem (he rolls his R's and he sometimes pronounces his V's as W's), and the fact that he is a smart-*ss. His appearance (seen only in the Tierra wallpaper) has nothing to do with his odd voice, and he often gets the funniest lines. Plus, his name is Number Two, which, has nothing to do with anything about his character. Number Two, in many respects, doesn't make any sense.

These qualities make him an all-purpose character that you can put into any situation and he'll screw it up (giving us all something to laugh at.) I like to do plays in my community, and my friends and I often joke about placing Number Two into one of the roles in a musical. (If you've seen Guys and Dolls, we had a freakin' field day with that.)

DeCazador I also like (not MY DeCazador. I mean the DeCazador in Tierra) because he's so over-the-top.

Please respond to this post. I look forward to hearing your favorites.

MJ 06-18-2003 11:22 PM

Re: Favorite Characters And Why

Originally posted by Incredible_d

Plus, his name is Number Two, which, has nothing to do with anything about his character. Number Two, in many respects, doesn't make any sense.

Can't blame a mother for being accurate. :D

While Number Two is definitely one of my favourites (heck, I write him into every radio script because he's fun, and he fits) my all time favourite character is definitely Tomas Encion. I mean, the worried guy who always accidently lets down the mafia boss and ends up getting blasted for it is pretty damn well known, he's the type of guy who gets bashed up for information. But to my knowledge, Tierra de los Muertos was the first time one has ever been given a starring role, and I think he pulled it off really well.

And heck, you guys have no idea how much I had to fight to keep the character as he was: a fast talking high pitched voice. There was much opposition to it.

As for the way Number Two looks, remind me to scan in a photo of Stanley when I get a chance. Trust me, that cartoon of the character from the desktop wallpaper? It's pretty much a cartoon version of Stanley. :)

Incredible_d 06-19-2003 12:13 AM

Stan the Man
I knew that was what Stanley looked like... except, to me, Number Two will always be a cartoon. For example, Stanley doesn't sound like Number Two... (Although I bet he goes around annoying people with that voice)... so, I'd assume he wouldn't look exactly like Number Two.

As to Tomas Encion, he's a good character. I always thought he had some good lines... the Barrier of Trust thing and the "Isla Calavera-era-ela" thing. (No, Isla cala-veera-meera. Isla cala-fo-bah-de-ra?) Plus, he plays off of Number Two well. So does Darth Vapour (I'll spell it the continental way). The thing I like about Vapour is that he's this kind of rediculous blowhard of a villain, and Number Two is always kind of pushing him until some force-choking comes into play. Miguel is also a good character and Lawrence did a good job with the Mexican voice.

What I don't understand is the fawning over Le Parka. He didn't get that many good lines...

Oh, and who did the voice of DeCazador in Tierra? Lawrence?

MJ 06-19-2003 12:34 PM

DeCazador was played by Stanley

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