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jerha202 06-22-2003 07:23 AM

Hi all! I would like to announce the development of the graphical adventure game Odd, which tells the story about the Norwegian male Odd who is suddenly released from the mental ward Earth in order to assist the people of the real world to catch some runaways.

The development team currently consists of eight people, of which two are very talented artists. However, due to the high graphical intensity of the game, we badly need more cartoonists and animators. Can anyone help with suggestions about talented people that we can contact? I should say that this is a non-profit project.

Please visit the following link to get some more flavour of the game:

James Isaac 07-12-2003 11:38 AM

Can we see some screenshots?

jerha202 07-15-2003 07:27 PM

No, I'm sorry, we haven't come that far yet, but the right part of the web page background is a distorted version of one of the actual scene backgrounds. Real screenshots will hopefully be available within a few months when we have more artwork.

jannar85 07-17-2003 11:19 AM

They DO have a downloadable wallpaper though.....
Hope they don't mind me spreading the link:

That background on the wallpaper on the right looks awe btw!

jerha202 07-19-2003 05:55 PM

I know, our background artist Ado is... damn, there are no words for how talented he is! He's a professional artist and I put some of his works up in a hidden folder on the site:


pleto4_ryan 08-02-2003 11:41 AM

i hope you do one great game...;)

we will wait for more informations

jerha202 10-14-2009 04:53 PM

Well, it took a little while... anyone still here? Now there is a playable preview available for download:
And the official discussion takes place here:

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