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Mao-Mao 07-01-2003 07:12 PM

My characters back history
Mao-Mao Roose is a Bothan who has worked for the Bothan spy-net for allmost all his life. He climbed the dangerous rungs of the spy-nets ladder slowly at first, striving for the higher positions, the higher standing, the greater respect and of course the more dangerous missions. He displayed a natural empathy with creatures and as his superiors saw this it was picked up on and it was built into an amazing affinity, and his closest 'pets' or friends as he called them helped him in many ways to achieve his tasks, from relaying secret messages to acting as a selfless suicidal decoy as Mao-Mao made a bitter escape.

As he climbed the ranks, and was given more command over those under him it became apparant that Mao-Mao also had great natural leadership skills, and from there he rocketed up the Spy-nets ranks, going from leading highly dangerous group missions deep undercover, to those missions that had to fall into combat, in fact especially these missions. Even though that was something severly frowned on by the spy-net, Mao-Mao Roose and his squad earnt a great reputation, though no one outside the Spy-net knew anything of them apart from their name- The Faceless, known for never being found out, they were in and out and unknown. It has been overheard that a witness was left once, little did they know the witness was left alive on purpose and one of Roose's 'pets' was allready trailing the witness to the last remenants of the squads marks, a smugglers ring of information traffickers that was making a severe dent in the efforts of the Bothans own spy-net, suffice to say the rancors did the squad proud.

Always a neutral, never taking a side in the civil war working on both sides, kept him in good stead with all concerned, and his squad were his friends they respected him and he did them, and he never once lost a man (or woman) having risked the entire squad on more than one occasion for the daring rescue of a desperatley wounded member. However his latest mission had been sent from so high up he did not have a choice in accepting or denying the mission, he had to do it, a mission for the rebellion.

Having charted passage secretly aboard a freighter for his squad and his menagerie of closest friends (pets) his exact point of entry on Tatooine was to be relayed on route....

Then the Empire happened, and in no more than a nano-second Roose's squad was dead, all his 'pet' friends were fried, but luckily, somehow, he survived. Awaking in a bacta tank, Roose had a wavering memory, whilst being shifted from shuttle to space station, bits crawled back into his head, questions moslty. He couldnt remember much, he knew who he was and he knew he had to get to Anchorhead on Tatooine, he had something he had to do there but he couldnt think what... and why did he feel so lonely? Why did he have this underlying feeling of hatred towards the Empire? What was missing? Who or what are the Faceless? And how did he used to hold this blaster? <groan> His head hurt.

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