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Duke_Rageweaver 07-19-2003 03:13 PM plz
on dantooine can someone plz tell me where to caves with the lightsabre crystals are? and also can u plz tell me where to get another lightsabre or a double bladed one?

JEDI67 07-19-2003 05:48 PM

I fond one in trairis.

JediJosh80 07-19-2003 09:11 PM

Extra Lightsaber
Alright i'll help you out. I'm not sure exactly where it is but it's called the Crystal Caves, trust me it's worth it. Unlimited Lightsaber Crystals. You get two more lightsaber from the Mandalorian Leader once you kill him, but watch out he uses dual vibroblades that are fully upgraded and they pack a punch. Once you kill him search his remains and you'll find two lightsabers one red blade and one blue blade. If you use the red blade you'll get some major dark side points added to your character.
I hope this helps you. JediJosh80

Rjaniz 07-20-2003 03:52 PM

Uh... what?

I don't think color has any impact on Dark/Light side standing. It's just when you first pick your saber from the council, it determines how you gain your force powers. My character has been using a Red blade for a while, and there has been no dark side points given to me. Could be wrong, if you're already a dark sider, it might boost, but I doubt it.

Secondly, what do you mean by "unlimited"? I got all the crystals in there, and after that it wouldn't let me get any others in the cave.

Thirdly, Duke, I'm afraid I don't have any set path to go to get to the cave, i was just wandering and eventually found it. It's in the back part of one "area." I THINK it's an area next to the Dark Jedi there, but I don't know. Look EVERYWHERE, Go to the border on every area. It'll take a while, yes, but right now it's the only suggestion I can give.

As for a double blade, yoink Bastila's. And if you hate yellow, once you find the cave, you can put green crystals in it. There will be double blades available later, but none on Dantooine as I recall. Again, could be mistaken, wouldn't be the first time I missed an item like that.

JEDI67 07-20-2003 04:03 PM

The cave Is right next to where.
You find the droid that ran away from his master.

Katarn07 07-20-2003 04:14 PM


Originally posted by JEDI67
The cave Is right next to where.
You find the droid that ran away from his master.

That was next to a wall and I did not see it :confused:

Yes, get sabers from where they said, and no, it does not put you to the Dark Side, nor does wearing Dark Jedi Knight robes like my character does. It just looks cool cause its black!!! :p

Anyhow, you'll get another double bladed saber shortly if you

Go to Tatooine, you get a short bladed saber, double bladed saber, and yet another normal one plus a few crystals

Then, if you need more crystals and haven't found those caves, there are yet some more if you do what I said in that spoiler, only a few hours later...

In the Krayt Dragon's cave, search all remains and rubble to get a holocron, a violet crystal, and a few more power crystals. Dragon's Pearls can go in there, but you might wanna give that to the Tuskens if you make peace with them for loads of XP

JEDI67 07-20-2003 05:13 PM

Yeah it is hard to see but there are caves there I think they are to the left of the droid,there are no crystels around the cave it just loks like a bunch of rocks with a whole I did not even know there was anything there when I found it I was just waling around and then the thing pupoed up saying crystel caves.

Opie301 07-20-2003 06:50 PM

Where is the Mandolorian leader?

Darth Fufu 07-20-2003 07:49 PM

You can get crystals and lightsabers from the dark jedi you fight.

JEDI67 07-20-2003 07:52 PM

Wich drak Jedi are you talking about IS IT THE ONE you see on your first quest in Datween the girl or is theis another one?

Darth Fufu 07-20-2003 08:25 PM

I didn't kill the girl but later there is a group of dark jedi that attack...they attack you when you get on Tattooine.

Katarn07 07-20-2003 10:25 PM

And Kashyyyk.

I got loads more crystals! I am now the ultimate dual weilding light Jedi. I seriously took out a Mandalorian Commando
In Kasyyyks's Lower Shadowlands
in three rounds. I can't wait to get to these caves though. Can anyone else confirm that location please? I'll make a detour if I can get my hands on more crystals :)

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