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Godzirra 07-20-2003 01:47 PM

LOOM Mac patch
Hello all,

Wonderful to find a place filled to the brim with fellow LucasArts freaks. I found a website where I can download the Mac version of LOOM... my fav game as a thirteen year-old troublemaker. Ah, the moments of peace it gave my troubled mind! It is, however, only 16 colours, which my iMac can't swing. I understand that there is a patch to make it 256 colours somewhere on this blessed site, but I can't seem to find it. Is that true? If so, where might I locate it?



Alien426 07-20-2003 02:23 PM

Although I know nothing about what versions of Loom exist for Macs I can't see how there could be a patch. It's probably an enhanced version like the CD version for PCs.

Wait a second... I think you're talking about ScummVM! That would mean you play the PC version on your Mac using this platform-independent tool. You can only do that after buying the game!!!

Godzirra 07-20-2003 02:40 PM

Thanks for the quick reply, but no, I'm not talking about ScummVM... although, I hadn't thought of that option. The PC disk is way back in Vancouver, so it's not really an option.

No, what I meant was, I found a place where I can download the Mac version of Loom (you can't even buy it anymore anyway), but it's only 16 colours, and I understand that Mac SCUMM (part of this website chain, I think) has a patch available to make it PPC compatible (and upgrade it to 256 colours somehow).

If not, no biggie, I just got a false lead, then. But this website was mentioned specifically.



scabb 07-20-2003 03:52 PM

Dude, you don't come to LucasArts boards and tell us you're downloading games, whether you can or can't buy them, and then ask for help. ::

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