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Katarn07 07-22-2003 02:09 AM

Main Quest: Koribban
I am near completion of my main quest of the game, seeing as Koribban is the last world I have chosen to visit.

Anywho, let's cut to the chase. I'm so close to getting to the end, but there are a pair of obstacles I cannot get past.

Those Force immune beasts beginning with a "t". I killed the one on Kashyyyk because I had Jolee and Mission's help, but I'm all alone and taking on TWO beasts. I can get the health of one really low but die from the second one. I have tried grenades of all types, and even though they are Force immune, have tried them anyways. They are indeed immune. I have yet to try stealth, but my PC isn't to proficient in that and I am quite sure it won't work. I'll give it a try tomorrow.

Please help. Strangely, I haven't seen too many users here as far as I am... :confused: I'm usually really slow in game progression, but this one is just to cool. I hope to have beaten it tomorrow or Wednesday so I can restart with an optimized character (with the knowledge I've learned from my mistakes in his creation) :)

Dalti Evful 07-22-2003 07:37 PM

Well I just didnt engage them at first and ran to the far right of the room then inched in on the first one on the right until he charged me. I then ran to the back of the room with him chasing me so I only had to fight them one at a time. I dont know if thats cheating but thats how I did it.

Katarn07 07-22-2003 11:01 PM

I got past it this morning and am so close to completing the game.

What to do is:

Have them charge you, disengage combat mode, run to the right corner and pull the lever, go in the room to the right, get the grenades, nuke the beasts from in the room, like you said.

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