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Davord 07-22-2003 10:54 AM

Where can I get them?
Does anyone know where/how I can get the comic in the UK?

mercatfat 07-22-2003 04:54 PM

Ebay. It's out of print.

sheaday6 07-22-2003 05:56 PM

pray to your heathen gods. Try Pollotithan, God of Comics

Davord 07-23-2003 06:06 AM

So next to no chance then? Damn.

AndrewL 07-26-2003 02:23 PM


sentience 08-02-2003 02:44 PM

If you keep your eyes peeled there's some decent merch on ebay... comic promos with s&m inserts, all the videos, etc. I've won the vids, surfin' the highway and 3 comics from there so far (although the lot has cost me over 100)


sheaday6 08-06-2003 12:33 AM

I'd have to work over-hours at the sperm bank!

Setion 08-06-2003 02:01 AM

The big bucks are in the female uterus, my wrongly-gendered sexual-offspring-donating friend.

sheaday6 08-06-2003 01:58 PM

if only I were a hermaphrodite

Setion 08-06-2003 04:25 PM

You' for weird magazines?

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