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another_trooper 07-22-2003 09:37 PM

Your wallpaper !
Wats your wallpaper ?
No specific reason for this question, I just have a lot of free time. . .:(
I'll post mine as soon as some1 tells me how !:mad:

DarthMuffin 07-30-2003 11:57 AM

Mine is the battle of Helm's Deep...

If I knew how to post it, I would.

BeastMaster 07-31-2003 10:30 PM

Trekkie Alert
Mine's the stock wallpaper from DS9: The Fallen (available here).

Every now and then I rotate it for the Pic of the Day from Bridge Commander, Armada 2, or Starfleet Command 3.

I also have a bunch of Transformers pics that haven't gone up in a while. . .

another_trooper 07-31-2003 10:43 PM

If you want more treckie wallpapers. . .
its in german, but its pretty easy to figure out where the wallpapers are. . .;)

Kylilin 08-01-2003 02:20 AM

my wallpaper right now is this

Pedro The Hutt 08-01-2003 07:36 PM

My wallpaper since March has been (copy and paste link please )

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