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MentatMM 07-29-2003 12:02 AM

Excellent choice in Mods! You can download Manowar 2 and 3 (for MotS) at JKMAG (hosted by this website). I just tried the primary download link and it's fully operational. What you need to do though, is get you a good free program such as FlashGet, to resume your downloads. Try that, if that doesn't work, I'll find you another link or e-mail you the file. Enjoy. I used to do the news at JKMAG, by the way, it's nice to see that someone remembers us (or at least the stuff that we hosted). :)

Neverhoodian 07-29-2003 02:42 PM

Well, Mentat MM, it's kind of a long story. I'm a relative newbie at JK; I bought the game last summer. (Hey, it was a cheap $10 and I needed to slake my Jedi thirst before getting JO the day after Christmas) Consequently, I didn't know any of the modding projects of the community. I soon discovered them and started downloading them. When downloading a mod from, one guy made a comment of how the Manowars 2 mod was much better. Intrigued, I tried finding the site from Google ( didn't have Manowars 2) After hours of searching in vain and dozens of broken links later, I posted here.

I downloaded Manowars 2 last night from the JKMAG website. I must say, this mod ROCKS! It's the right balance of changing enough elements for a new game experience to still keeping the same atmosphere and "feel" of the default game. Too many mods I have downloaded decided to change everything, but it just leads to initial confusion and sometimes gameplay problems (one mod didn't have a saber. Consequently, fighting the Dark Jedi was impossible.) My only complaint; I can't play Manowars 3. (I don't have Mysteries of the Sith:( )

Kurgan 07-31-2003 09:43 PM

May I also suggest BFP2X (also on JKMAG) as well as Al MacDonald's various skinpacks (two of which are posted on that very site).

Also the Rbots mod at is great.

Massassi has some great files in their downloads section, including some unique gametypes like Blaster Tag, JK RPG, MotS CTF, etc. no larger collection of maps exists (Admiral's Command Chambers specializes in Single Player of course).

If you can't find something, just let me know, I have an extensive collection, it may take me awhile to find it, but I can do so.

If you like multiplayer, you owe it to yourself to get MotS. It's too bad you didn't grab the JK+MotS combo pack. You can still probably find it super cheap someplace. If not, there is always Ebay. ; )

Pedro The Hutt 08-01-2003 07:26 PM

Speaking of Al Mcdonald does he still live? >.> His page on has been defective for months.

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