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Tesla 08-21-2003 12:54 AM

LFJA JA Tournament
Do you think that we should have a JA Tournament when the game is released ?

I think it would be a good idea, we could have the Masters & their Padawans battling other Masters & Padawans, and have Free For All as well and many other modes could be played as well, and it could also be used as an excuse to so off how you've designed your character :)

You guys up for it ?

Tesla 08-25-2003 03:38 AM

Is anyone from LFJA around :confused:

Andy867 08-26-2003 12:01 AM

I will be submitting an application as a trainer once the game is released and I have mastered the way of the Jedi Master and of the Force and its will:)

So look for my coming in the next few weeks:)

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