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bert0mac 08-29-2003 05:34 PM

/am codes help??
can sum1 send me a list of the /am codes in jk2 i only know some of them and im curious of what ones are there

bert0mac 08-29-2003 06:06 PM

at least can sum1 tell me how to enable them??

TK-8252 08-29-2003 11:26 PM

Okay, these codes may vary from the different mods, but the ones from the Jedi Academy Mod are:

/amsit (meditate-like sitting)
/amsit2 (odd upright sleeping sit)
/amsurrender (hands up)
/ampoint (does an animation that Tavion did on Bespin)
/amwait (hands behind back like Imperial Officer)
/amcrossarms (crosses arms)
/amtaunt (single player weapon spinning taunt)
/amtaunt2 (draws Lightsaber like Tavion)
/amthumbsdown (thumbs down)
/amthumbsup (thumbs up)
/amkiss (kisses other player only if Lightsabers are drawn)
/amhug (hugs other player only if Lightsabers are drawn)
/ampunch (punches, usually won't to damage)
/amwave (waving)
/amwave (better waving)
/amscratch (scratches head, looks more like saluting)
/amdontknow (shrugs)
/amthink (puts hand on chin and thinks)
/amspin (spins in the air)
/amspin2 (dance-like spin
/amtossup (throws Lightsaber in the air)
/amtossover (throws Lightsaber to the side)
/amtossback (tosses Lightsaber backwards like)
/amcomeon (waves to come on)
/amhandhips (puts hands on hips for a second)
/amkneel (mournes)
/ambeg (gets down on hands and knees)
/amflip (briefly flips Lightsaber)
/amcocky (points at yourself)

To get out of certain animations like sit and kneel, just type the command again.

Enjoy :)

Kurgan 08-30-2003 06:09 AM

Yup. And as I've had to point out to numberous people, EMOTES ARE NOT IN THE ORIGINAL GAME, only certain mods.

(Although apparently JA will have a few built in)

Luc Solar 08-30-2003 04:50 PM

Yup. Someone mentioned on the JA-section that there might be built in emotes. Bowing and/or meditating iirc.

But there's also supposed to be different "rules" in different game types. For example saber damage is supposed to be higher in FFA's than in duels, which is an excellent idea gameplay-wise.

I hope that goes for emotes too. They should be banned from FFA's or else we'll have a friggin Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy FFA with the rules: "emote to your opponents to score points". :mad:

Kurgan 08-31-2003 01:51 AM

Well at least using an emote in-game will (with 99.999999% certainty) provide zero protection from attacks.

Now watch, n00bs will start whining "emote = peace" or "no emote killing."

I however, will treat all emote use as signs of surrender (an invitation for a coupe de grace).

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