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Hansine 11-22-2000 09:08 PM

Problems with Nubīs Tomb
Hello, my name is Hans-Petter Gangstoe.

I am having problems proceeding from a place in "IndianaJones and the infernal machine", at level Nub`s Tomb.

This is where I have problems:

"Follow the path to the right and you'll spot some water inside a tunnel on
the left. Leap into the water. Look out for the dangerous fish inside. Swim
down to the bottom and find the underwater tunnel. Pull the switch at the
back of the tunnel to raise the statue in the center of the room. Exit the
tunnel and hang a right to locate a ledge where you can pull yourself out of
the water."

My problems accurs when I am supposed to : push pull(ctrl).
Nothing happends,there is no reaction.
What might the problem be?
What should I do?


Hans Petter Gangstoe

Monique 11-24-2000 03:48 PM

Hi Hansine, I think you are at the part where you have to jump into a roundlike pool and in the middle of the pool is a pit. Behind that pit is a coffin shaped opening where you have to swim in and pull the lever. That will raise a bulls head above the water. I don't know if you used the patch allready but if not go to and download the patch. After download doubleclick on it and it will find his way to your game and update it. After that start your last made saving and continu the game. If it still not works try pressing F10 and type: fixme. I hope it will work out but if nothing helpes, I must have a saving somewhere so mail me when you need it. Succes


benny56 11-25-2000 10:56 AM

Monique....your the best!!!

Monique 11-28-2000 10:47 AM

Thank you!!! Till the next time


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