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ROSAO 12-12-2000 06:06 PM

olmec valley last of three blocks
I'm in level 10 (olmec valley) and I try to push the last block out of the room that was full of water on to the pressure plate. But it isn't moving. I now it is possible, 'cause I did it before. Now I can't possition the block correctly in front of the opening. Is this a bug?
I'm stuck here for a few days now and it is starting to get irritating.

hornplayer 12-14-2000 02:21 AM

I had the same problem. I had to replay the level and then it worked. It must be just a bug. Have you downloaded and applied the patch?

ROSAO 12-16-2000 01:23 PM

Well, I replayed the level and this time I could push the block in the hole. Now I'm at the pyramids.

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