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Chrissa bamse 08-12-2000 07:03 AM

Where do I get the pulley to the cable car???
In Palawan Volcano Indy says This cable car needs a replacement pulley.
Where is it ... where can I get it???

Ang_el_29 08-12-2000 12:09 PM

you should have gone into a room at some stage where there were many boxes. You need to move all these boxes around and one of them falls open in there is a pulley for the cable car... good luck

Vera 08-14-2000 01:00 AM

the pulley part is to your left as soon as you go through the gate that Sophia helps open for you. Push and pull the boxes as was said.

Chrissa bamse 12-27-2000 11:39 AM

I have tried, but it doesn't work!

Monique 12-28-2000 08:17 AM

It has to work, I believe you have to move the 3 first crates towards where you came from and than the fourth one will fall open and thére you can find you pulley. If you want a saved game, I have one at the point where you have placed the pulley and started to end the level. Give me a mail and I'll send it over.


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