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Marlene 12-25-2000 11:39 PM

level 9 - The statue won't take the mirror!!!!
I can't get the statue to take the mirror at the end of level 9. I am stuck!!! i have tried everything and searched everywhere!

Pootie 12-25-2000 11:46 PM

Have you brought it back down to the lowest level where it was at the beginning of the level? That's all I can think of...

Marlene 12-25-2000 11:51 PM

yes. The level is complete but I can't get the mirror to work. When I try to use it nothing happens.

JR2000Z 12-29-2000 12:08 AM

You have to pull all the pillers on the bottom floor to get to the statue up or down(Its been a long time since I played) a floor.Go to that floor(the statue is in) and climb up the brick block in front of it and use the mirror there.

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