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Andrei 09-09-2003 07:20 PM

Sam and Max episodes
I'm not entirely sure if I'm allowed to post this, but if not, then my apologies.

Over here at here

If you scroll down to TV, there's a torrent file floating around with 15 episodes of the Sam and Max TV show. So I dunno. That should cover you if you're still hunting.

sheaday6 09-11-2003 03:52 AM

THAts just horrible, thiNK of all that moneY that thOse people lost in video sales, jUst horrible.

SyntheticGerbil 09-11-2003 03:59 AM

Well I couldn't be bothered to figure out what to do, but I did not see TV episodes. I did however see (I think) someway to download scans of Surfin' the Highway. So I guess if any of you are jonesin' for it, then figure it out.

(And if any of you have got the episodes, could you send me a list of what was available, so I can see if it's any of the ones I don't have on tape?)

Thread stays open, and if some Supermod is mad because I'm letting you break the rules, REPOST!

scabb 09-11-2003 02:14 PM

I know someone who has these episodes. They're wmv, he tells me, and not bad quality. Apparently the episodes are as follows:

The Thing That Wouldn't Stop It
The Second Show Ever
Bad Day on the Moon
Max's Big Day
Dysfunction Of The Gods
They Came From Down There
Big Trouble at Earth's Core
That Darn Gator
We Drop at Dawn
Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang
The Tell Tale Tail
The Trouble With Gary
The Invaders
Little Bigfoot

He also claims to have "Aaiiieee Robot!" and "We Drop at Dawn" in high quality mov format, as well as some of the others.

I hope that satisfied your curiousity. What's a cbr file?

SyntheticGerbil 09-11-2003 06:26 PM

No fu cking idea what a CBR file is. Maybe Andrei could come back and explain to the less motivated of us.

And he probably does have "We drop at Dawn" and "Aaiiee, Robot," since now I realize that these are probably taken straight from the tape collection, as that is the exact collection available on tape.

Well damn, I'm disappointed. I want those missing six episodes, and the shorts.


Oh and speaking of posting rules, anything written about pirating or breaking copy protection from the game is still not allowed, since it's so easy to get a copy, cheap bastards.

Jake 09-11-2003 08:59 PM

Apparently its a RAR in disguise. ::

SyntheticGerbil 09-12-2003 12:20 AM

Hah, uh oh, comrade Jake.

Well anyways, the files are not up there today, so if anyone notices them, they should by all means grab the files. I changed the Surfin' the Highway file I had to Rar but it did not accept it, and it was not 82 MB like the site said it should be.

But it did give a link to the book on Amazon, who is letting people preorder it for used copies for some reason. (Twenty two bucks.) Not too sure how Amazon could possible supply a copy for every preorder but sure... there's a lead.

scabb 09-12-2003 07:45 PM

I think BitTorrent makes the file first, then downloads everything to it or something stupid like that. CBR files open in WinRAR too, although I still want the book ::

Auctions and zShops sellers and our other stores recommend:

SyntheticGerbil 09-13-2003 06:37 AM

If you can figure it out, by all means share with the forum and others who have long sought after this book. I'd like a copy in the hands of those who want one, no matter how underhanded.

E-mail Metallus or Jake or me or somebody associated with what ever were doing here if you or anyone else lurking and reading this figures out how to get the 82MB scans.

It's in the comic section. Permanently it seems.

(Oh and as a general rule, the Mainstream and Comic forums, along with the troubleshooting forums are not ones to be so rude and abusive in. We aren't all that bad.)

UPDATE: oh Cockandballs! the page keeps timing out and there seems to be no way to get the "torrent protocol" program from the mirror version... egh...

sentience 09-28-2003 10:21 AM

blah. It's gone ...

So did anyone actually get it? and if so, did anyone manage to get the scans inside?

... hey, it just occured to me that .CDR means CORELDRAW. lol :P

anyone try that?

Bob Gnarly 09-28-2003 07:50 PM

Wow, that sites great.

You can also get S&M comics there.

Matt Wilson 09-30-2003 09:48 PM

You can always wait for FUNimation to release the DVD...

KungPaoJake 09-30-2003 10:18 PM

um..what about this?
have you guys tried to go to this page first

(same site...different section)
scroll down to animated or cartoon or something section...and then bam...sam and max ep 1-15...

...though i haven't really gotten a good solid connection and download's been crawling along really really slowly...but...i'll leave it up and let it chug away


xo3k 10-14-2003 06:43 AM

damn. the torrent is dead can someone repost it? that is if anyone got the whole thing. :(

SyntheticGerbil 10-15-2003 12:55 AM

Eh... it all confused the hell out of me. But that's alright since I have legal copies of the aforementioned EVERYTHING.

Roadis 10-21-2003 10:59 AM

I got it!
I struggled for like a month to get that stupid torrent to work, and finally... I got it!
so... if u guys are interested in getting them from me, I can see no other way than adding me on msn messenger.... my mail is

I have a good connection so i think it would go pretty fast...

Lagomorph01 11-05-2003 06:15 AM

Do all of you actually like the episodes that much?
The humor of the episodes is about 1/4 of the comics and game.
I mean the sam and max humor is often cruel and brute, but super funny. But since the show's for kids on foxkids, all of the cruel stuff has been cut out, and allmost all of the guns have been taken out of it. I have downloaded some of the episodes from Kazaa though. But the comics are so much better...
What do you guys think?

Skinkie 11-05-2003 11:31 AM

The show was never given the chance to rise to it's full potential. If they had made it to be aired around the times of the Simpsons and Malcolm in the Middle instead of early Saturday mornings, then they could've gotten away with everything they needed too. But considering that it was designed for a younger audience, I still find it very humourus and worth watching.

Roadis 11-06-2003 09:14 AM

I totallt agree... the episodes aren't as funny as they have potential too. If they made like simpsons and futurama it would be hilarious... Personally, the game is my favorite, lets just hope that the sequel is just as funny :elephant:

Lagomorph01 11-06-2003 12:44 PM

Yeah, the game and the comic's are brilliant.
And if the next game is anything like the teaser it will be brilliant too!
As for the episodes the only one's I think are really funny are little bigfoot, bad day on the moon and the visitors.
The first too are actually directed by Steve Purcell himself : )
As for the voices, I think the ones in the games are so much better, they just have more Sam and Max appeal.
Especially Max.
(Comics rule!!!)

scabb 11-08-2003 05:59 PM

I have no idea how kids managed to follow that TV series, what with the endless barrage of non-stop plot spewed from the oral portals of the canine/lagamorph duo with the seemingly unceasing vocabularies.

Lagomorph01 11-08-2003 08:30 PM

True, but without that it wouldn't be sam and max anymore, it would be like some ancient unwanted cartooncharacters like Teddy Ruxpin and the Carebears team up and dress in Sam and max costumes trying to imitate them. But yore right, I don't think kids understand at all what they're saying. That's why it shouldn't have been made in to a kid's show because there's just to much "adult" humor in it. That's the whole reason why the game and the comics are way better!

Canine_Shamus 11-28-2003 12:09 AM

I bought the videos of Sam and Max off the internet, there was three tapes, and eighteen episodes in all, but I am still missing the christmas episode and a couple others. They're really great. You can get them off the VideoFlicks website if you're interested.

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