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Reclaimer 09-10-2003 07:40 PM

Hi welcome to my Third RPG BATTLE!!!

Okay first we'll have to figure out a story... Hmmmmmmm... I'll layout a rough idea first...

Three worlds... (names unknown) are at war with each other. 1 is New Republic, another with the Empire and the other is an inderpendant world. They are fighting over a fourth planet that has... er haven't figured that part out yet... and so anywayz, the tension gets so bad that the Empire has called in a fleet into the system, same with the inderpendent world who has hired many mercenaries and bounty hunters and yada, yada, yada... Now of course the Republic will end up arriving and that's where we begin with the huge battle thingy...

Any Ideas?...

Redwing 09-11-2003 12:17 AM

Right then. ;)

*obligingly stickies*

Reclaimer 09-11-2003 09:52 AM

Thanks Redwing. :)

Ray Jones 09-11-2003 08:01 PM

(meanwhile on another planet)

*Ray Jones who is the slightly mad looking stranger who's living on a fifth planet, far but not to far away from the fourth one (???) is just getting the news about the upcoming war*

Norb, the right hand guy of ray: spoot.. a war is just up to break out.. (ranaranarana, the whole story and so on)

Ray: ok secure the biverdam give dag order to establish the shields, i'll check the engines and you check the provisions and stock them up if needed

topshot 09-12-2003 01:14 AM

(ROFL! That was a good one, Ray! :D And possibly to help others new to making RPG's, I might decide to post a guide to help them.)

All of a sudden, Yoshimitsu finds himself, Spawn, Link, and Mitsurugi transported into this parallel dimension that is supposed to be Star Wars.

Spawn:"Where the *censored* are we?!?!?!?!?"

Link:"How should I know? First I defeated an evil wizard back in my homeland of Hyrule, I find a piece of a strange rock that sorcerer was using, Zelda sent me on a quest to go destroy that Inferno and his Soul Edge, and now, after returning home, I'm suddenly transported here!"

Yoshi looks around, then tells the others,"Our situation is strange, indeed. I'm sure who or what had caused us to teleport here had good intentions."

Mitsurugi:"I've had enough of this sorcery! That woman must've done this to punish us!"

Yoshi:"Um, how can you tell if it was Taki's doing?"

Mitsurugi: "She tried to keep me from obtaining the Sword of Salvation, the Soul Edge."

Link:"Which then you found out that Soul Edge wasn't the sword you were hoping to obtain."

Spawn:"I'm getting tired of this babble. Let's just get whatever we're here for over with and find our way home. Besides, I've got a Klown to kill......."

Kuuki 09-12-2003 04:40 PM

((No offence topshot, but i think you should make yoshi talk more simplier ^__^))

topshot 09-12-2003 08:59 PM

((Good idea! Don't want to confuse the fans now, do I? :p))

*With the Great Fairy sword in his grip, Topshot swings a mighty blow to his last post and fixes Yoshi's language to simple English.*

How's that? Does it sound good enough? Please, tell me if it is. ;)

Reclaimer 09-17-2003 10:40 PM

do da de do da daaaa!

O my! What do we have here a Yoshi that talks English! My word!

*Teaches Yoshi "Yoshigise"* :p

There...That's better!

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