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Bobo Donkey™ 09-18-2003 04:05 PM

The wierdest dreams you've ever had!!!
Tell me all your wierdest dreams people. They can be about anything. I once had a dream about Graham Norton visiting but I'll tell you later as I dont have time right now.

Bobo Donkey™ 09-22-2003 02:53 PM

Heres that Graham Norton dream I mentioned on the last comment:

(Foul language will be anagramed [AND TYPED UP LIKE THIS] and if you cant figure out what they mean then send me a private message please)

Last year during Christmas on the night before I bought my copy of the LucasArts Entertainment Pack™ (about two days after Xmas Day) I was staying down at my Papa's house watching Graham Norton talking to Shannen Doherty from Mallrats and Beverly Hills 90210 (Was anybody actually sad enough to watch that?) and it entered the conversation that she owned a couple of horses. She goes on to say how she and her dad went and took one of them to the vet and she talked about how in front of her dad the horse had a [I FEEL SLURPY CENT] and was thumping it against his stomach. She asked the vet what the horse was doing and he said it was [SAM TURBIN GAT].
Thats all you need to know of the show, that night I was dreaming of the same episode exept after Shannens talk of the horse Graham went on to and started reading a news post about the horse (wierd) and one comment went like this:
"But why was the horse doing it in the first place?"
And the reply was:
"Oh well obviously because it was covered in SCUMM™!"
And then Graham faces the camera and goes "Hmmm, THAT sounded a bit suspicious."
And.. thats it for the "Horse covered in SCUMM™" dream.

Pretty wierd eh.

Vanilla Gorilla 09-22-2003 03:19 PM

Horse covered in SCUMM™?
Thats the wierdest thing I've ever heard. And I think about Purple Elephants.

Alien426 09-25-2003 05:44 PM

What's even weirder: "masturbating" is foul language?!

BooJaka 09-26-2003 09:41 AM

No... but "Timatrangubs" is apparently...

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