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slim 08-15-2001 07:42 AM

sjambala sancuary
Hello everybody,

I'm in the sjambala sanctuary and I have got the bulb and I am in the room with the turning statue. what most i do??????

would somebody help me



ps: i am from holland and i am very bad in english so....

Dan 08-16-2001 02:27 PM

It's been a while since I've done it, but I'll give you what I can remember. First, the bulb needs water. There is a device that comes down from the ceiling, I can't remember exactly how to get it down, but I think there is a lever in the room directly above. I'm not sure on how to get there. After you figure that out, put the bulb in the device. Next, it needs light. There are two platforms by the door in that room. You have to make a set of jumps to get to the one on the right (if you're looking at the door) Once you land on it, the light will come in. That's the best I can give you right now. I could give you more once I remember how tomake the serires of jumps to get the bulb and work through it myself. Hope this helps.

slim 08-22-2001 07:19 AM

i want to keepthis high soo...

and don't really get that thing down soo if there is somebody who knows how i can get that thing down pleas tell me


nd 08-22-2001 11:59 AM

There are two platforms in this place.

The one to the right of the big gate has a button which must be pressed. This will lower a ladder on the other platform. Climb this ladder to reach the rooms above.

There, put the flower pot into the holder which hangs down there on two chains. To reach the holder, however, you must do something with the window and climb somewhere.

Hope this helps.

slim 08-23-2001 10:34 AM

thanks nd

i"ll try it

"time to go to work"


slim 08-28-2001 09:51 AM

i don't see what you mean

do you mean dthe switch next to the door?????????


nd 08-28-2001 12:38 PM

SPOILER WARNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you stand in front of the door in the room with the big statue and the waterfall, there is a lever at the right side which opens the door.

This is NOT what I mean. I mean the button on the platform just above this lever. You must climb to where the statue is, climb the next ledge and jump over to this platform.

There, press the button (which lowers a ladder on the other platform), jump back to the ledge, walk over to the other side and jump to the platform with the ladder.

Climb the ladder. You will reach a place with two doors. One door can be opened with a button, don't go there now. Go to the other doow which cannot be opened. There is a grated window through which you can see the golden plant holder and an outside window. You must shoot the window with your revolver, Indy will auto-aim it.

Now go to the other door, open it, get rid of the ice monkeys and find another window which you can destroy with either the revolver or your whip. Get rid of the enemy who shoots from the opposite roof, climb out of the window and shimmy right to the other window which you previously shot.

This way you'll reach the small chamber with the plant holder inside. Hope this helps.

slim 08-29-2001 11:33 AM

thanks nd hope this will work

time to go to work


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