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henni2001 09-03-2001 06:41 AM

Error in Infernal Machine Level, Please Help

i'm in the Infernal Machine Level and have to shoot Turner. However, i cannot kill him because the level seems to have a bug. Every time i shoot at turner the game stops with a page fault error and i have to restart. Anyone else experience this bug? Any advise? If not it would be great if someonbe could send me a savegame after turner is shot.

Thanks very much!

- Henrik

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Vera 09-06-2001 02:38 AM

you would have to give more details on your error message. such as "invalid page fault in module...." If it's a problem with another program, you could try closing out of everything else running on your computer before you run your game. Press Ctrl, Alt, Delete (at the same time) and click on End Task for each item except Explorer and Systray. Also download and install the patch for the game from and make sure that you follow the instructions given there for using the patch successfully.

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