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sdwebsurfer 09-06-2001 06:42 AM

loading level 9
I just completed level 8 and walked thru the tunnel to end the level. I am able to pick any supplies but when it goes to load level 9 it goes back to my main menu and will not load. What should I do?

nd 09-06-2001 06:56 AM

Assumed you play the pc version, you could obtain a savegame file to overcome this problem, for example from my ftp server:

You find the savegames for each level there, both zipped (.zip) and original (.nds) - the .zip files are compressed and require WinZip or pkunzip to decode.

I saved these files with the update 1.2 installed. If you don't have it, you should download it from LucasArts first, or my savegame files won't work. The location is:

Download it, then double-click it and it will install itself.

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