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burkeman19 04-20-2001 01:46 AM

Pyramid level
Okay, I've done the neat-o water/bucket thing. I've put the drive chain on the generator and I have the watch. The only cool thing I've done since is run over the scorpions with the jeep. Not sure what to do next.

"He no nuts, he's cwazy."

nd 04-20-2001 09:33 AM

Did you already get rid of all those hyenas? You can check it at the cave where the nubian boy is outside. If you go into the cave and the boy answeres, there are still some of the hyenas left. If all the hyenas are dead, go back to the digsite and check out the place with the broken trails bridge.

Next, go into the pyramid again where you previously arranged that water/bucket thing, but this time take the other entrance on top of the platform.

nd 04-20-2001 09:35 AM

I forgot: besides the watch there is something else useful in the digsite at the broken mine car.

Redondo 04-24-2001 03:31 AM

Do you know how to get to the mine car level. Its driving me nuts because I've raised all four one-eyed statues and even placed one of the gems. How do you end the meroe level?

nd 04-24-2001 07:53 AM

Have you got the lens? The nubian boy should have got it for you in exchange for the watch.

When rising a statue, put the lens onto it. This will take away one of the four hand-shaped locks from the mine entrance. Pick up the lens and repeat it with the other statues until the mine entrance opens.

Now you need a mine-car wheel and some fuel to finish this level.

lucas 09-16-2001 12:04 AM

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