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Jamison 11-24-1999 07:19 PM

ranking system
In your announcement thread you referred to ranks higher than the Captain rank. (a new rank after every 50 posts). It appears though that you top out at Captain. Is this true?


"Ahhhh, medicinal herbs."

Blair 11-26-1999 06:23 AM

I don't know if anyone's posted a hundred messages, yet. You're close. I'm not so close. I think they gave us Captain when they started the rankings just because we had a few more messages in the old lists. I don't think there were 50 messages total on the server, then.


jake 11-27-1999 02:48 AM

Hmm.. I've exceeded 100 and I'm still at Captain..

Blair 11-27-1999 05:59 AM

I just checked Jamison; he's got 152; even more than I'd guessed. But that should, rightfully, make him a General already.

Looks like the software is busted.


jake 11-27-1999 03:52 PM

Uggh. That sucks. LoL

jake 11-27-1999 07:39 PM

Made it past 150. Colonel and up is reserved for admin/moderators I suppose.

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