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Sir Wolfbiter 10-10-2003 02:02 AM

Single Saber Counters to Multiple Stances
As a single saber user, I am constantly trying to counter many of the fighting-game style moves that the multiple saber users have (i.e. the 'whirl attack - crouch + primary + foward - or the butterfly - jump + primary). Specifically, I am looking for ones that don't require force powers, but all are welcome.

To start things off, I've found that a good counter to roll-stab is a backflip to DFA, if timed correctley.

Prime 10-10-2003 02:55 AM

Although it uses force, I find the roll-stab is very effective against the dual saber floating saber twirl thing and the saberstaff kata. In general, I find timing read swings so that you hit them just as they are finishing a special move is quite damaging. If someone is button mashing the other stances, using the single's katas can also be deadly for them.

I'm still finding new tricks as well though :)

JediNyt 10-10-2003 06:03 AM

A great counter to saber barrier is to wait until they are almost finished and do a strong top down hack on their head. Works almost every time. :)

Kurgan 10-10-2003 10:14 AM

There are so many counters to Saber barrier its not even funny...
; )

Prime 10-10-2003 02:21 PM


Originally posted by JediNyt
A great counter to saber barrier is to wait until they are almost finished and do a strong top down hack on their head. Works almost every time. :)
So true. Simple and extremely effective...

Sir Wolfbiter 10-10-2003 09:30 PM

nah, i dont mean saber barrier, i mean the 'twirl' one. this is particularly deadly with duals. multiple times i've roll-stabbed a twirler from *directley* behind him and died. i guess ill try the DFA though. thanks for the tips.

sorry, i should have said i dont want ones that need force powers. i know most special moves require force points.

Shakey Mac 10-14-2003 09:06 PM

if youre in blue stance your defensive ability goes WAY up and you can block stuff fast enough to shut down even the dual saber flag-twirl move.

as for the jumping twirl i usually just get out of the way and smack em from the side with a red top down or diagonal slash. that works most of the time. then i switch to yellow stance if im fighting someone with decent skill or blue stance if its a spammer type (hold down attack, press various directions, toss in a random special move to look cool).

against the saber staff i find yellow to be my best bet overall. if they use the butterfly attack i usually roll out of the way or hop over em. timed right, a DFA can send you over them and end in a kill or some good damage on them. against the kata i just get out of their way until after the final swing. then i approach em from the side (which will usually result in them rolling away) and switch to red for a smack on them as they stop rolling. if they roll away from you, go ahead and use the red DFA, as itll often land straight on em. if they roll back or forward (they rarely roll toward you) just wind up the appropriate diagonal swing and smack em.

if it looks like the staffer im fighting has any skill, i switch between medium and fast styles to keep them on their toes. fast is usually used on the defense and for quick, annoying strikes. medium is what ill switch when i attack, and sometimes ill switch mid-combo to strong to screw em up even further.

hope that helps ya.

Chewie Bakker 11-15-2003 11:28 AM

Long time, no post
I've found that even the defensive capabilities of Fast stance won't match up to a saber staff attack. All in all though, I've only had the game for three or four days (although I've played the demo to death), and found the transition from SP to MP a little... unsettling.

I tried going in with Medium stance (which is my favourite) and found that not only was I not getting very many hits in, but my friend was scoring more hits as well.

Keeping this in mind, I tried switching to Fast style and taking a defensive approach. I then noticed that blocking was inneffective. In fact, I probably died quicker then than I did with the Medium Stance.

I then tried getting out of my duelling rut and tried to utilize my Force powers. Protect seemed to have no effect, and heal took about 65 Force points to give me 10 health points, so it was beyond useless.

Then my friend got cocky and boasted that he didn't need both blades on his saber staff active to beat me. Keeping that he wouldn't have access to the kata and jump attacks in mind, I refrained from using those attacks and proceeded to whip his butt for the next two matches. He then went back to staff and I got slaughtered again.

I know I'm probably just suffering from n00bie syndrome (learning to use the moves in MP after SP is like learning a whole different game) but blocking is just a simple matter of positioning oneself so that they can receive the blow. It is essentially just aiming the targeting recticle at you're attacker (or their lightsaber) isn't it?


Although the backflip to DFA would work very nicely ;)

:gben: [COLOR=Royal blue]The Force will be with you, always.[/COLOR]

Sam Fisher 11-15-2003 03:25 PM

Well, if you are too scared to do this move, it still works for me.

At the end of my opponents kata(I use single) I actually do a kata into them. Almost insta kill.

This works for any move that keeps them in place.

Chewie Bakker 11-16-2003 01:28 AM

The Force is not with me
I tried using the katas, but with no results. I was doubling as the server, but I don't think that there's any problem with my machine running that. I have an Athlon 2000XP CPU and a Radeon 9200 video card so it should be running up to spec, and I didn't detect ang lag.

Once again, it might just be a an MP-n00b thing. Maybe I'll try playing a few Multiplayer games with the saberstaff and see if I notice any vulnerabilities that I can exploit...

...and even s'more practice wouldn't hurt me, either. ;P

:gben: [COLOR=Royal blue]The Force will be with you, always.[/COLOR]

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