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Mad Anne Bonnie 10-23-2003 06:47 AM

Random Chibi Monkey
This is an idea I came up with some mates a while ago. Basically we drew a psycotic looking monkey and we got lots of people to add completely random comments. Soon I'm hoping to put it on it's own website! So basically all you have to do is write something COMPLETELY RANDOM. I'll start you guys off....

"Look out, jungle people, the big flying rock is coming! AND IT'S BEING CONTROLLED BY A DUCK!!!":D

Alia 10-23-2003 11:27 AM

But that made perfect sense to me!

Orca Wail 10-23-2003 02:41 PM

"Mr.Death, could you please take your potato out of my sock?"

Ernil 10-23-2003 03:14 PM

I sure do believe that Timmy has manipulated my leg into a 4 couched radio.

P.S. Orca, you sure do love death, eh?

Alia 10-23-2003 03:41 PM!

Captain_Izzi 10-23-2003 06:21 PM

"Yes, it vaguely echos the work of neo-classical sculptors.... either that or I've had far too much grog again.."

Orca Wail 10-23-2003 07:50 PM


Originally posted by ErnilPherianath

P.S. Orca, you sure do love death, eh?

No, really? :D
Spell it with a capital "D" or he'll get mad.

Hmm...what else?

"Nurse? Nurse? This is a hair dryer, not a suction tube!"

Alia 10-24-2003 03:50 PM

That last remark was more natural than Adam in his birthday suit.

Ernil 10-24-2003 03:54 PM

"Thirteen men were cheesed to their death today. The usual suspect is once again Tommie the Tugboat."

RoyTordesLegend 10-24-2003 06:35 PM

HARRY!!! HARRY!!! Quick, bring the wig, the dogs set himself on fire again!!!!!

Ray Jones 10-24-2003 07:05 PM


Alia 10-24-2003 07:08 PM

Randomna Pathetique.

RoyTordesLegend 10-24-2003 07:35 PM

Maybe your chuck is the wrong shape I said

Orca Wail 10-24-2003 07:45 PM

There are two kinds of metal in this yard; scrap, and art...and what you currently have IN YOUR MOUTH IS ART !!!

Ray Jones 10-24-2003 07:50 PM

it's not that i can see it but i cant see that i see it. dont you see this?

RoyTordesLegend 10-24-2003 07:54 PM

Oooh Mr's lovely.....and much straighter than I imagined!

Orca Wail 10-24-2003 08:04 PM

thats just sick, roy. sicksicksick!!!

What?! What do you mean, make you a kidney sandwich! No, i will NOT make a kidney sandwich for you, Jack...

actually, that made a bit of sense...

Ray Jones 10-24-2003 08:51 PM

check mate.. i got a full house and you have only two points.

Alia 10-24-2003 09:24 PM


Orca Wail 10-24-2003 11:08 PM

Shut up, Andy! i don't see you coming up with any better!

Neeeko MATA!

Alia 10-24-2003 11:49 PM


Originally posted by Orca Wail
Shut up, Andy! i don't see you coming up with any better!
Oops, I see you just started to blame something some otherwhere but I listening to jam and making a ham sand witch who was casting a fly rod over the rainbow to the pot of soup canastas we dance to in the twilight with the twi'leks in the X-wings who propose to confuse to fuse box which had a gift but I don't know what thrifty of them not to fill it up with money or shot through the arm with forty-forty-forty-four and GONE to the lady in the shell oh hell-O Bob, where's your bracelet slobbering dog, or hog, or catacomb monk, eee! what was that? i though i saw a donkey singing, no swinging, no bucking for a raise, but the haze made me think it was a trick. trucking over bills was a jolly holiday FISH, i said WISH, but i couldn't think and wear a hat so i pillowed my computer with a wraparound bat! oh THAT, just the reason i would do this, clueless and speaking to a cup with no lid. fids, there's another and a more and better but i'm stuck here till the the damn post ends. so friends, i think this is IT. the END of the world-bound musings and the mass confusings by a rock with no shirt and dirty moths who plunder beauty and dirt. my lovely love who sent me a dove and somethin' else that i couldn't speak OF if i tried and died and got refried for it, poor Little Dorrit had a bad binding there by a hair not fair for any common king. nothing was a rose, something was a posey and the teacher is pouncing grim. fandango on the umpteenth floor bring your paper suit OR just a bird to eat with on the way. oh hey, did i tell you about the girl who said too much, in too many places, got her head on backwards, and no real faces, one hand in her pocket and out waving out the ocean, and couldn't fathom dimes for a spoon-fed potion, a noodle that was addled and an egg that tattled and a sort of air-compressor on her own atom-smasher, brought the floor to its knees, and stole panties and wrote tiny bits of randomness with ease? no? guess i will, but first with the story of a man named fred.....

are you not breathing or are you just dead? :)

Orca Wail 10-25-2003 12:51 AM

jesus. is andy on the $hizzl3?

possibly. That was excellent.

I am not worthy to stand in the shadow of such a master of nonsense...

Hey Bonnie, that sounds an awful lot like a Usdan game. Care to share?

ptdc 10-25-2003 03:42 PM

You are the least intelligent bunch of people I have ever "seen" oh right... erm a waggity wiggity, three bananas for sven's ingrowing butt cheeks.

Ernil 10-25-2003 07:15 PM

Juan has been denoted to the spirit of Scotland.

Does anyone have any idea what we're doing this for?

I think it's a scam, to get really good random ideas out of us. Because...ya know...those are worth lots of money...

Shivermetimbers 10-25-2003 07:27 PM

Dammit Pete! Where's the frog? Oh...F***

Das Mole 10-25-2003 08:40 PM

smurfs tickle my ulna into oblivious fragmented cellular respiratory systems complete without vanna white.

Orca Wail 10-26-2003 12:53 AM


Originally posted by ErnilPherianath

I think it's a scam, to get really good random ideas out of us. Because...ya know...those are worth lots of money...

Most possibliea, very susipiouso.
Must investigatius.

My name is riiiiiiiiick, and I have a stiiiiiiiiick, right up my....

Hey Grimalkin? SHUTUP!!!

Das Mole 10-26-2003 04:22 PM

smurfs tickle my ulna into oblivious fragmented cellular respiratory systems complete without vanna white.

Ray Jones 10-27-2003 07:23 PM

cooool. one filled chocolate egg.

Ernil 10-27-2003 09:14 PM

If I lob the granny far enough, she'll stop baking.

Orca Wail 10-28-2003 12:42 AM

"Can i lick the sword at least!?!?"

"Gimme my note book! GIMME! Give-you...inbred wacko! GIMME MY NOTE BOOK BACK! What are you, a light bulb!?! Fine, now your name is Methane...GIMME MY NOTEBOOK!"
(Actual qoute)

Mad Anne Bonnie 10-29-2003 02:27 PM

And I thought I was good @ being random!:p

Mr Heirophant, why are you smiling at me with the scary eyes? Napoleon moved out of the cave cos there was water in it and he started MELTING so he found a different chess board.lime jelly is poisonous, people, never eat it with cheese DAVID BLAINE DAVID BLAINE RIDING THROUGH THE NIGHT look the monkeys are dancing again and HELP it's done something to me I can feel it inside AAAAAAAARGH MELON MELON MELON wheeeeeeeee i think the mostauche pills are working guess wot i can channel dead people through my braiiiiiiiin I SEE DEAD PEOPLE YAY here comes Elvis again the walls are pink but theres no furniture inside DID U KNOW mice are sometimes looking like aardvarks Spongebob stop drinking my shoes DAMN YOU DAVID ATTENBOROUGH i beleive in trees YOU CAN TAKE AN ARM YOU CAN TAKE A LEG BUT DONT GIVE ME THE NEEDLE i like tractors i want a trailer for my ears they're beasts im telling you BEASTS!

don't worry Ernil, I won't steal your ideas, just to prove it this page is a culmination of all the strange random thought s I've had over the last few weeks.... :rolleyes:


Das Mole 10-29-2003 11:34 PM


Shivermetimbers 11-05-2003 11:16 PM

He did WAHT to an iguana? Sven! Get the mold and come over here quick!! Mr Scuffer's toaster just exploded!

Ray Jones 11-06-2003 07:08 AM

thats just not true. i dont fight like a cow and i didnt cross the road.

all i ever wanted is a colored b/w tv.

RoyTordesLegend 11-06-2003 08:01 AM

I told you!!! Cactii and genitals just don't go together!

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