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Marker0077 11-07-2003 11:55 PM

Submission: Better HUD Beta1
This is a slightly better HUD for JK3. I noticed that on some maps the health points are hard to read, on other maps it's the force mana points that's hard to read, etc; etc. so I modified the HUD a little bit to make it easier to read on all maps.

I'm only making this available right now for DS & OJP. I DO NOT want this distributed publically on,,,, or any other major distribution place because I am planning on releasing this in Cool Mods for JK3. You guys & gals can feel free to distribute this among forums & your clannies all you like but if I find out that this is distributed anywhere else I WILL NO LONGER MAKE MY MODS AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD outside of the actual Cool Mods project.

This is a beta of this, I might make some changes to it in the future & I would appreciate feedback on this like any ideas on how to improve it even more. My contact info is in this file & in my sig.

You can temporarily download the Cool Mods for Jedi Academy HUD Beta1 mod here

Marker0077 LATE EDIT:
Okay guys & girls, here ya go, a screenie of how this thing looks in-game. Some places on some maps just makes it hard to read the health points, shield points, or force mana points. This does a pretty good job of resolving that.

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