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danyol 11-10-2003 01:53 AM

Bounty Hunter Defense Skills
Are there any plans to add some defensive skills for Bounty Hunters? After having to master Scout and Marksman, there just aren't enough skill points to invest in skills such as melee defense (Pistoleer) or feign death (Smuggler). Master Bounty Hunters with basic medic skills have no option of using pets to tank and are forced to go toe-to-toe with human marks who are better armed and have un-human HAM levels. There should be some tricks that Bounty Hunters could use to defend themselves in a firefight.

Taos 11-13-2003 12:32 PM

As a bh I could not agree more. We have great offensive skills and I'd just like to see some improvment on the defensive side of things. Oh I would love more defense vs melee.....

-=ReApEr=- 11-13-2003 03:34 PM

We sacrifice our defense for offense. Sorry, but it won't be happening for a while :)

Randon_Star 11-17-2003 08:24 PM

bh and commando are the ultimite offensive professions what the heck would we need more?

i quit bh for that same reason im now persuing pistoleer and something else gavnt figured that out though

GSR_Yoda 11-18-2003 08:09 PM

if BH were given more defenses they would be unstopable :mad:

impala 11-19-2003 03:33 PM

So you want some defense. Is supression fire, warning, and threaten not working for you? It works fine for me.

[RAA]-=Chi3f=- 11-25-2003 06:46 AM

I would have agreed when I was a BH, but now I do not. Like Reaper said, BH gain huge advantages in offense. The LLC and Pistol tree are extremely powerful compared to other classes.

Now after becoming a Teras Kasi Artist I can see how easy it was as a BH. Brawlers can be standing on top of a knocked down opponent and still be out of range, lol. If you're looking for better defense, less skill points used, and a powerful weapon then do what the other half of the populous does and go Commando 0-0-4-0 (flamethrower). Let's face it, flamethrower is ALL that a commando uses and with only having to master marksman and unarmed that allows you to do a lot more.

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