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Erich 11-23-2003 07:45 PM

Great Site, but haven't decided??
Hello, I have an outstanding site and it would be great for content for either a clan or a Star Wars gamming related site. However, I have not decided what to do with it. Previously, I had a site that was almost the same and used it for a clan. It did not go too smoothly due to inactive users and more. The site I have now is more able to handle active users and has potential for outstanding content. In site forums, able to handle chat and much more. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know I am open to many ideas.

Hmm, forgot the link to the site... here it is....

eniaC 11-25-2003 05:36 PM

The site looks pretty good, not too flashy and easy on the eyes.
I would say make it a Star Wars gamming related site, there is to many useless clans out there already, no offense to you, but clans suck.
If you are into competive play, and wish to make it a clan site, don't, make it a "team" not a "clan", unless your a RPG'ing honor dude/chick.

good luck,

*edit* P.S. That is one sweet avatar you got there.

Erich 11-25-2003 09:01 PM

Thanks for the info. I really appreciate it. The site I have is very interactive. I have the ability to allow other members to take care of certian aspects of the site. AKA, if I ever dissappear for a long period of time, the site can run without me via the members(who I will have to assign specific parts of the admin section before I dissappear :-P, but I don't think I will anytime soon)


P.S. eniac, yeah I love my avatar! :D

DiscontinuedOne 11-27-2003 03:03 PM

Admin Mod
Does anyone know the website or whatever for the JKA Admin Mod? Just a website is all I need, thanks for your time. ( My AIM s/n is DiscontinuedOne if you want to IM me the link or whatever, or just repost it on here )

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