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Enderone 11-26-2003 09:39 AM

New Professions!
(as seen on )

Ralph Koster, Creative Director at SOE has commented on StarWarsGalaxies' inherent benefit in being able to add new professions; "We'll probably start out by putting simpler vehicle creation directly into the engineering profession, but eventually I'd expect it to go into a profession.
We really see a lot of the strength of the game as being able to add professions. It's not just content. We can add entire new ways to play. I'll be vague here, but expect us to be adding many professions to the game."

So over at SWGX they've initiated a new professions development system. Essentially, ideas for new professions go through Brainstorming, Draft, Alpha and Beta Phases then on up to Version phase. In order to move up to the next phase the idea must receive the requisite votes.

When the profession idea gets to the Version phase, fancy skill trees will be added along with supporting artwork as well as designation for updates and improvements using 1.1, 1.2 etc...

The system has just started and they need help getting the system up and running. Right now there are a number of professions in Draft phase including Soldier, Researcher, Miner, Agriculturalist and Pilot. Here is a brainstorm phase example:

What will the profession be called?

Slicer or Technician

What will the profession do?

Programming skills, Computer skills, electrical skills, and will be be integral to new Concepts for the Holonet, Datadisks as well as the forthcoming SWGX Law & Order Proposal.

How is this profession rewarding?

It actively engages the player into a deep and intregueing aspect of gameplay that currently does not exist. It will give players technical and computer skills, and it will offer them choices wether or not to use them illegally which is a risk with reward.

How will it add to Star Wars Immersion?

Both Technicians and Slicers are integral parts of the Star Wars universe, and to have a light dusting treatment of them as a skill in smuggler is not satisfactory.

What is the 'endgame' of the profession?

Ultimately to become a master of the holonet, and technical systems, which is very profitable for both legal and illegal activities, highly prestigeous and can also play a highly valuable role in our Dynamic GCW that is proposed HERE.

Click HERE to take part in SWGX's new profession development system and help shape the future of SWG.

"What is SWGX anyways?"

Enderone 11-26-2003 09:41 AM

oops wrong forum!
Is there any way a mod could move this to development for me? I dont want to post twice.


Jared 11-30-2003 06:31 AM

tsk tsk....lazy....^^

Jan Gaarni 11-30-2003 07:25 AM


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