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Mondo 01-03-2004 10:32 PM

Man the default 5 day view killed this board
Everyone thinks no one posted here so they just moved on.

Pedro The Hutt 01-17-2004 01:56 PM

What a brilliant observation O_o

obi 01-18-2004 12:51 AM

Yes, especially from a person with 2 posts.

*gives a medal*


shukrallah 01-18-2004 01:00 AM


Well, everyone is talking about the new games... not the "classic" games.

MasterN64 01-23-2004 02:13 PM

Shame really. Some of the classic games were really good. Too bad no one really wants to talk about "out of date" games.

Nairb Notneb 08-11-2004 01:32 PM

It's still killing it, and this guy still only has two posts!! (not that I have many more mind you)

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