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rick ulo 11103 01-05-2004 10:00 PM

there is no peace part 2
alright this is the second part of there is no peace and if ur not in it please read the first one in dantooine theatre comapny ignore the third page.

rick was thinking about his friend who had died to save him as somone walked in to join him for breakfast

Writer 01-14-2004 03:19 PM

Brittany took a seat across the table from Rick and smiled her greeting.

"How are you?" she asked.

rick ulo 11103 01-22-2004 01:16 AM

"im fine i was just thinking about shado i miss him alot i still wonder why that person attacked us it dosent matter any more atleast were safe here on _________ anyway, how are you?"

Writer 01-24-2004 11:32 PM

"Safety," Brittany spat bitterly. She did not agree. "Ever since we landed here on Tatooine, I have been attacked five times. Safety indeed."

She sighed. "Other than that, I guess I'm fine. I am constantly wondering what happened to Shado. I lost track of him in the battle, but I don't think he died. I certainly hope not."

Hiroki 01-25-2004 06:24 PM

Can I join?
*OOC* Hey! I read most of the old thread - I breezed threw page three, not that it matters. And I was wondering if I could join? And be the new villan. Do not worry, I won't do anything stupid or absurd like the last...

Writer 01-27-2004 06:23 PM

((I don't see why you couldn't. It's certainly not too far into the story for you to join.))

Hiroki 01-27-2004 07:57 PM

*OOC* Hehe, sorry it took so long, I had to make sure I did it right! I hope I did, anyway. I wasen't sure if the posts on page two that where made by Black91 happened or not, so I simply avoided in this post, untill I can be 100% sertan. =)

As he slowly makes his way threw the rubble of the now devistated sith base, shifting his way past the many remains of the complex, and past the many soldiers killed by Shado, smirking slightly as he comes across the body of the Ex-Sith Lord Darth Hadeous.

"Shado used his own power againts him, did he? I shall have to be careful not to underestimate them, as he so clearly did."

Moveing past him, he slowly makes his way threw what remains of the base, growing closer to the room Zera himself fell in.

"In terms of sheer power, I cannot compare to Zera, not yet, atleast. I must take a less...brute force approach, should I hope to gain victory over them."

Moveing over to the computer, wich still brightly flashes in the back of the room, he types a few passwords into it, shifting threw the files there.

"I am fortunate that it is still active. Let me see...Ahh, so thats where they are."

Turning, he walks away from the computer, an evil grin slideing across his face.

"Well, you may have survived both Zera and Hadeous, but I shall not make the same mistake. You shall grow to fear the name of Sukura Delwynn!"

*OOC* There you go! I hope that was fine, I decided to not make him all powerful-god like right away, if at all. It just seems a bit over used. :)

rick ulo 11103 01-30-2004 03:13 PM

ooc: good one hiroki, lets just say shados dead and if he comes back well be like oh shado your back yaaaaaaaaaaaay:)

"so so you think me should go somwhere else i mean we have almost no credits and we cant find work here so..."

Hiroki 01-30-2004 04:00 PM

*the Battle Cruiser arives over the planet of Tatooine, Sukara slowly walking twords the window, gazeing down at the desert world*

"Scan that planet. Find any sign of humanoid life down on the dust ball!"

"Yes my Lord." A commen soldier states.

*after a few hours pass, they lock onto the small mineing town of Anchorhead.*

"Sir! We are detecting around 5000 sentiant beings within the settlement, they could be anywhere within there. I also detect many huminoids within the vast dunes of the planet, though I suspect they may be the planets native life. What are your orders?"

"Hmm. I am tempted to just bomb the worthless dustball of a world, though I would hate to alert the Republic in our weakend state by takeing such a harsh course of action. Deploy a sqad of 30 sith trooper's down to the surface. Dispatch two Dark Jedi with them aswell, that should be enough I imagen."

"Yes sir!"

*A transport is dispatched from the hanger, quickly makeing its way twords the Anchorhead space port, the troopers marching down the platform along with there two Dark Jedi companions*

*Dark Jedi 1* Though it might be faster to split up, they are formidible enemys, it would be in our best intrest if we can find them together, where we may all strike at once. Remember, they are to be captured.

*With that said, they march threw the gates, as they begain to search the mineing town for there targets*

Darth Renoux 02-02-2004 03:58 PM

=?= Is that all that you are going to send down there? They are going to fail you, and you shall pay the consquences for that. Why send children to do a man's job?

Coming from the shadow of the space ship, whit dark jedi robes with a hood, a man that had a very white skin. His face was hidden behind the great hood, you could only see his white could mounth moving.

=Zera= What do you suggest we do Master Renoux?

=Sith Renoux= Quite simple my padwan, go down there yourself and lead the team. I will take care of the spaceship.

=Zera= Yes Master, I shall do that. But what if i run into a weak jedi?

= Sith Renoux = You never learn do you? You cant take the jedi/s out with the assistance of the dark jedis, not to mention that I will aid you with my dark Powers.

=Zera= As you command my Lord

Zera went and joined the team in the search down in the pod, giving out the to-do orders.

=Zera= Alright, we are going to go down there. We are only going to spend 5 hours in that worthless planet, if you are any later than that, I WILL leave you behind to die. I have to put our mission in first place and right now, I do not need people slowing this mission Down. Understood?

=Everyone= Clear Master.

[To be Continued]

Darth Renoux 02-02-2004 04:00 PM

*oops TYPO!!!


Writer 02-02-2004 05:02 PM

"Yes, I know," Brittany sighed. "I almost got a job, but the guy changed his mind. Our ship is out of power, we have no money, to repair it or buy passage on another ship. As much as I hate it here, we'll have to live with it for now."

Hiroki 02-03-2004 06:24 AM

*OOC* Hey Reunox...Zera's dead isn't he? Who are you talking too? o.O I'm confused...

rick ulo 11103 02-03-2004 03:13 PM


Originally posted by Hiroki
*OOC* Hey Reunox...Zera's dead isn't he? Who are you talking too? o.O I'm confused...

(((Shado and Zera were now engaged in a battle of lightsabers and Force powers. Shado used the Force to try and push Zera to the ground, but Zera was powerful in the Dark Side of the Force, which made it possible for him to resist the attack. Shado then used the Force to boost his speed. He swung his lightsaber, clashing it with Zera's. A spectacular display of sparks came from the clashing lightsabers. Zera used the Force to strike at Shado with lightning. Shado succumed to its effects and fell to his knees in pain. Zera laughed and swung with his lightsaber to behead his opponent, while he still used his Force lightning powers to keep Shado on his knees. Shado fought the pain and blocked Zera's crimson blade with his own. Infuriated, Zera kicked Shado, knocking him down onto his back. Zera lunged forward, raising his lightsaber in the air, he stabbed down at Shado, but wasn't fast enough to kill the Jedi. Shado quickly rolled out of the way, then leapt to his feet. He roared a battle cry, and with uncanny strength, sliced the unexpecting Zera's midsection in two.

umm yah reunox can you edit that so we can reply )))

Hiroki 02-03-2004 07:19 PM


Um, also, Zera was lord of the sith, not a Padawan, and neather am I. :)

rick ulo 11103 02-03-2004 07:53 PM

yah same thing he said

"well maybe we should hide our lightsabers they might be afraid you know" he said with worry beaming from his face

Redwing 02-04-2004 03:40 AM

((Maybe our lovely Darth Renoux is referring to someone else named Zera? ...*coughcough*


Hiroki 02-04-2004 02:07 PM

The sith troopers quickly make haste threw the houses and buisnesses of the citizens of Anchorhead. Roughing them up for information, and when they find none, killing the weak fools and moveing on.

As they walk by a small Cantina, they spot Rick on his way in, the troopers, being sent down prepared, knew his face, the two Dark Jedi with them instructed one of them to get his attention.

*Dark Jedi* Distract him while we attack from the other side.

*Trooper* Yes sir!

The trooper, most likely knowing it ment his death, fired his blaster carbine at Rick loyally, Rick quickly spinning around and pulling out his saber, the blast bounce off the blade of light, and impacting the trooper in the chest, blowing a hole threw his armour, killing him.

This however, provided time for the Dark Jedi and the rest of the squad to move into position, as the two Dark Jedi along with 15 troopers ( Well, 14 on the left seeing as one had been killed. ) suround him from the right and left, ready to fire, the Dark Jedi with there crimson blades already blazeing.

*Dark Jedi 1* You are surounded, Rick Ulo. Surender.

rick ulo 11103 02-04-2004 02:56 PM

rick was starteled and imediatly started running he warned britany and he jumped on to a crate then on top of a building and jumped down behind the dark jedi who had been following him. he quickly swung at ones neck but he had al ready turned around and blocked it the other one swung at rick but rick blocked it scorching his arm, he pushed one away and jumpep high in the air and cut off his arm when he realised the extreme pain rick was already swinging for his neck. standing over the decapitated jedi, rick felt all his organs hunch up and he realised that he could not breath when he saw britany run around the corner...

Hiroki 02-05-2004 12:51 PM

The remaining Dark Jedi had locked Rick in a powerful force Choke, squeezeing his neck as hard as the force would allow him too, angered at the loss of his comrad.

A Sith Trooper raises his blaster in Ricks vulnerable state, quickly fireing off three stun blast, all wich hit Rick squarely in the chest, incapacitateing him.

*Sith Trooper* Should we bring him back?

*Dark Jedi* You bring him back, the rest of us will go for Brittany, we will return to the ship when we have her. Thoughs are your orders.

*Sith Trooper* Yes sir!

The Trooper hastily makes his way back to the transport, Being covered from Brittany by the rest of his squad. Returning to Sukara's ship while the remaining forces quickly turn to Brittany.

*Dark Jedi* Now its your turn.

The Dark Jedi gazes into her eyes and with a quick flurry of his lightsaber gets into a combat position.

Writer 02-05-2004 04:29 PM

Brittany ignited both of her lightsabers and faced the dark Jedi. She decided that, if she could get away, she most definitely would.

Hiroki 02-05-2004 08:18 PM

The Dark Jedi rushed at her, locking sabers with her, this Dark Jedi being more skilled than his now dead partner, manageing to block the attacks from both of her sabers, though not gaining any ground himself.

Takeing the moment of distraction, the Sith troopers manage to move behind her, she see's them however, and blocks the blasts that they fire, killing several of them with the deflected bolts, capatiliseing on this however, the Dark Jedi manages to cut one of her sabers hilts inhalf, swinging once again, but being blocked by her.

The troopers quickly fire once more, Brittany spins and deflect the blasts back at them, killing yet more sith troopers, the Dark Jedi swings down at her, but is blocked, however, he holds her saber in place with his own, as the remaining Sith Troopers fire there stun blasters at her, knocking her out as Rick was.

*Dark Jedi* Damnit. We've lost alot captureing these fools. Let us hurry and return to the ship.

With that they bring them back to the now waiting transport, flying back to Sukara's ship.

*Sukara* Ah. I see you have sucseeded, despite great loss. Throw them in a cell. Make sure and take there sabers, and make sure you post a guard who is NOT vulnerable to there mind tricks. I will have a meeting with them when they come to.

*Dark Jedi* Yes my lord.

The Dark Jedi bows, before instructing the troopers to disarm them, and lock them in there cells.

Uber_Saber 02-08-2004 02:07 AM

(Followed the link from the last TiNP.)

Jamis Yon sighed and looked around at his squalid surroundings. When the ship he and the Jedi had been on just barely made it to the dustbowl of a planet they were on now, he'd gone off to see about finding work on his own. He'd given the Jedi a chance to escape, and quite frankly, he wanted to experience life a little on his own now.

He didn't want to join the Jedi. Having been a part of the Sith since he was a lad, he'd had enough of following cult-like religious orders. From now on, he followed his own rules.

Which was why he was walking down the street and using the Force to persuade people to give him money. Jamis wasn't all that good at telekinetics, or at lightsaber fighting, but he was one of the Sith Academy's most promising in the field of telepathics.

He pocketed the spare change he had now, into the folds of his new garment, which had been bought from a local store. He looked more like a local, nowadays. He decided that he now had enough, and that soon, he'd steal a ship and get off this depressing spot.

That was when he noticed Rick, who after the few days or so on this planet, had not changed his Jedi garments for those of a more local flavor. Then several Sith came along. Jamis immediately cut down his connection to the Force, and watched like most of the other pedestrians as the fights went on.

He watched as the two Jedi were hauled away. He owed them, for opening his eyes to the shallowness of the Sith, anyway. But hadn't he repaid his debt when he rescued them the first time?

Growling under his breath, Jamis stalked away, the better to find a ship. How the hell was he going to get on the Sith ship? More importantly, why was he doing this?

Maybe he'd find the answers to both those questions soon.

Hiroki 02-08-2004 12:48 PM

Sukara was enjoying a nice cool corellian ale as he waited for his prisoners to awake, riseing it to his mouth as he begains to take a sip, but spilling it, as the ship rocks slightly.

*Sukara* What?!

*Sith Trooper* Sir! Its a Republic Interdicter!

*Sukara* How did they find us? Well, no matter, we're more than a match for it. Blow it away.

*Trooper* Yes sir!

The powerful Sith capital ship turns to engage the Republic vessle, as they engage in a fire fight, the ships fighters deploying, danceing across the endless depths of space as a hail of red and green lasers fly from both sides.

The captial ships now hovering close to each other, exchangeing direct fire while the Sith fighters keep the bombers from getting too close.

*Trooper* We're going to win I beleave sir, but we will be heavily damaged, unless we opt for a better stratagy.

*Sukara* Very well, lower our altitude, move closer to the planet, the Republic will hesitate to fire with it right behind us.

*Trooper* Sir!

With that, the massive ship moves downwards twords the tan surface of Tatooine, a few bombers trying to intercept, but are quickly halted by a barage of fire from a random Sith fighter, the ship positioning itself so that any shot they made had a chance to hit Tatooine itself.

*Sukara* Good. Give it everything you have.

Sukara turns, sitting back down, a content grin on his face.

Hiroki 02-09-2004 03:05 PM

A single Sith fighter flys to close to engines of the Sith Cruiser, the rookie pilot screaming as his ship is flung uncontrollably to the planets surface, the shields preventing any truely heavy damage as it slams into the dunes near Anchorhead, the pilot unconciouse inside as he ship lays there, the engines smokeing slightly.

The loss of the ship went un noticed by the Sith Cruiser, or the other star fighters, both being far to busy with the Republic forces to worry about a single missing fighter.

Uber_Saber 02-09-2004 07:42 PM

Jamis was flying his newly-stolen Correlian ShipMaster 200 when he spotted the out-of-control Sith Fighter.

Or more accurately, he was not so much flying the ship as barely keeping it aloft. He knew now why the ship had had no locks- no-one besides him wanted it. From the creaks and groans of the ship, he wondered if it was even spaceworthy.

All that was solved, though, when he spotted the fighter. He actually did spot it, as opposed to his sensors spotting it. (The sensors, like the rest of the ship, were junk)

Either the Force was with him, or some deity he didn't know about was watching out for him, because here was the perfect oppurtunity. He followed the fighter down, set it down much more gently than the fighter had come down, (He still winced at the groans of metal that encurred) and disposed of the Fighter's pilot.

A while later, after checking the fighter for damage, he was aloft, pleased somewhat with his new ride. Due to his training at the Sith Academy, he knew the oddball formations and slang of the Sith Navy, and soon landed his fighter. He got out, and looked around, trying to remember from the single time he'd been on a ship like this where to go.

Hiroki 02-09-2004 08:20 PM

A Sith navy Commander walked up to him, looking him up and down, aswell as his ship.

*Commander* Why have you landed? Your ship seems to be in no serious condition. Do you think you need to land every time the hull gets a little scorched? And what is with your cloths? Where is your uniform? What is your rank?

The commander eyed him suspiciously as he questioned.

Uber_Saber 02-09-2004 08:43 PM

Jamis straightened himself up like a somewhat damaged sodier, saluting suddenly. "Flight Officer Norman Svall, sir! I landed because of a concussion I believe I suffered during a collision. About the uniform, well, see, there's a bit of an embassing storying behind that..." said Jamis, thinking quickly. he adopted a sheepish manner.

You ninny! I knew I forgot something! But the uniform, for Zarquon's sakes? His inward commentator screamed at him again.

"I'd like to discuss this in private, with you sir. I think it would be best for all involved." He planted a small, or actually, a very large suggestion in the man's head that there was obviously going to be a very good explanation. Oh, and that Security would be totally unneccesary.

"Very well. My office." The commander, who was obviously somewhat high-ranking, stalked off. Jamis followed him. Inside the man's office, there was a brief moment's attack, and the Commander fell down. Jamis tried to put on his uniform. The shirt was tight across his chest, and there were seveal inches of socks showing, the pants were so short.

Damn, thought Jamis. Oh well. At least he blended in a little better. he grabbed a datapad from the Commander's desk, and checked the location of the incarceration cells. He paused. No, that was wrong. he wanted the other cells. he was glad he'd sort of paid attention during that tour he'd had of one of these ships. He wanted the Jedi incarceration cells.

Good. He clipped the datapad to his belt, then looked around the office for a prop. Seeing none, he pulled the datapad off his belt again, and went out through the halls, pretending to check something on his datapad, and muttering agrily to himself. No-one wanted to get in his way, because you simply did not interrupt someone that high up the food chain who was looking peevish.

Hiroki 02-09-2004 08:57 PM

Sukara looked up once more, he had been watching the battle as it raged outside, dictateing orders to the fighter squadrans when he saw fally in his own commanders orders.

*Sukara* "I sense that someone, someone who is very strong in the force no less, has just boarded our ship."

A sly grin crepped apon his face.

*Sukara* "I think I shall go greet our new guest."

He walked slowly twords the power that was eminateing from his target, he could tell he was struggleing to hide his connection to the force, even forceing himself to struggle to keep track of him.

*Sukara* "Hmm. This one is very good at hideing his powers. I sense much anger in him, however. Perhaps he could be useful."

He continued to walk, passing by the ex-commanders office, looking in to see if he knew about any recent boardings, but instead only found his dead, naked body.

*Sukara* "Hah, I like him already."

Stopping a trooper who passes him by, he turns to him.

*Sukara* "Have you seen the Commander today?"

*Sith Trooper* "Uh...Yes sir! He was heading twords the Jedi prison complex I beleave sir."

*Sukara* "Oh, was he now? Continue on your way then."

Sukara quickly made his way to the Jedi cells, spotting the Commander about to enter the detention area.

*Sukara* "So, what brings you down here "Commander"?

Uber_Saber 02-09-2004 09:58 PM

Jamis turned to see who was addressing him. He saw the lightsaber on the man's belt. Oh no... he thought. That, and the man's tone of voice when calling him 'commander' told him his cover was busted. He decided flippancy in the face of almost certain death was the answer.

"Well, planning on running a few checks, get my slacks lengthened... the usual. Oh, that, and bust a couple of prisoners out of your holding cells."

Writer 02-09-2004 10:24 PM

When Brittany woke up, she moaned. She was in a lot of pain and decided that being stunned was not a good idea. The human body was not made for it.

She opened her eyes and looked around the room. It was small and very typical of a holding cell. She could tell that she was on a ship and most likely in space heading for some unknown destination. She wondered where Rick was and how they would get out of this mess. What did the Sith want with them anyway, that they were so insistent on coming after them?

Hiroki 02-09-2004 10:40 PM

Sukara slowly steps twords Jamis, looking him up and down.

"Hmm...a couple of prisoners you say? Would they happen to be Rick Ulo and Brittany? I beleave I recognise you now, you where the Dark Jedi that betrayed Zera wern't you? I suppose I should thank you, you are one of the reasons I'm in my current possition."

*Sukara turns, walking away slightly before turning around again* "I'll give you a choise here, you can re-join the Sith, and aid me, or you can die right here. If you choose to help me of course, I'll need you to do a little test, just to prove your loyallty."

He walks twords Brittanys cell, smirking as he see's she is now awake.

"Hello, Brittany, I'm glad to see your around and about now. I trust you found your acomidations hospitable given the cercumstances? I hate to interupt you, if you where busy, but, I only really need Rick, so I think you will be the perfect test."

He turns back to Jamis "Your test, should you choose to join me, is to kill Brittany!"

Uber_Saber 02-10-2004 02:18 AM

"Actually, that wasn't me. I just freed Rick and Brittany and handed them over to Shado." Jamis felt that this little bit of clarification was needed.

He looked around, as Sukara outlined what he wanted Jamis to do. Jamis looked at Brittany, considering his options.

"I was a Sith," he said. "I believed that power was always the answer. But I was assigned to alter Brittany's memories. To do that, I had to look at her memories. I found things I had not believed in before, like happiness. Happiness derived from good company, happiness and contentment derived from not always trying to be the most powerful." He straightened up a little.

"That's why I think the Sith way is not my way. I'd rather just be a humble person, not needing power. And that's not the Sith way." he paused and considered. "By the same token, I don't think that I want to be a Jedi, either. I've had enough of institutions and Orders and rules." He looked at Sukara.

"I came on board to rescue these two, because they freed me from the cloud of the Sith. Because I feel an... attachment to them. I'm not just going to change my goals." He pulled his lightsaber out of where he'd hidden it in the Commander's boot.

Unsurprisingly, Sukara's weapon was out too. "Mildly disappointing," the Sith said, "but not wholly unanticipated."

Jamis took a step to the side, and sliced open the holding cell. First things first, he thought. I need help...

Hiroki 02-10-2004 02:47 AM

Sukara looked at him as he freed Brittany, laughing to himself slightly.

*Sukara* Do you honestly think you, and that half-awake Jedi stand a chance againts me?

Sukara quickly flurrys his saber, maybe showing off a bit to much, but none the less showing that he is a very capable saberist.

Jamis quickly raises his hand, sending a jolt of lightning at Sukara, however, he camly raises his saber, the lightning entering into it, and disapateing within the violet blade.

*Sukara* I'm afraid you will need to do better than that.

Writer 02-10-2004 04:14 AM

Brittany stood there, half awake as Sukura had said and it could hardly be expected that she make any sudden movements, but hearing Sukura's challenge prevented her from doing anything else. Without warning, she unleashed a kick that sent him reeling backward into the wall.

"Surprised?" she challenged and grabbed both of her lightsabers, which for some reason were still with her.

Hiroki 02-10-2004 04:39 AM

Sukara, clearly suprised to see her still with her sabers growled under his breath.

*Sukara* Someone will pay for such an abviouse lack of compotense. Well, nomatter, half awake or not, neather of you stand a chance.

Moveing forward with a stunning burst of speed and power, he slashes his saber down at Brittany, wich she blocks with her own, swinging with the other, however Sukara anticipated this, ignighting the other end of his Double bladed lightsaber, blocking her blow, delevering a swift kick to her gut, sending her flying back.

Turning to Jamis, who's saber was almost on top of him by then, quickly rolling out of the blades way and locking sabers with him, Jamis may have been one of the greatest telipaths in the Galaxy, but Sukara had dedicated almost all of his strength to his saber skills, though the few force powers he possest where scertenly powerful, he did only posses few powers, other than the neutrals.

Brittany had gotten up by then, and was rushing twords him, quickly seeing her, he smacks Jamises saber away, kicking him in the head, couseing him to stumble back slightly, as he reaches his hand forward, sending a blast of force lightning twords her.

Hiroki 02-10-2004 06:22 AM

*OOC* I think Sukara's profile is well over-due. :) So here go's.

Name: Sukara Delwynn
Race: Human
Hight: 5'11
Weight: 160
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red/black, a combination.
Lightsaber: Double bladed Violet colored lightsaber, 5th generation.
Force powers: All basic powers, force lightning, force rage, force absorb.
Rank: Current self proclamed Lord of the Sith.

Profile: Sukara's past is somewhat shrouded in mystery, only he knows the truth, though everybody knows he was once a promiseing young Padawan, what they do not know, however, is how he became a Sith, while on a mission with his Master, he simply vanished, most assumed he was killed, untill reports of him, wich stated that he was now part of Zera's newly organised Sith Armada begain to sprang up.

With Zera's death, Sukara found the perfect opertunity to take the lead, and with Zera's apprentice, Hadeous dead, who would oppose him? Sukara, though currently dedicated to the Dark Side, never liked Zera or Hadeous.

Though Zera, thru over all balence could be considered stronger than Sukara, Sukara is defenatly the best saberist to come along in many years, the deaths of many Jedi Masters, Knights, and Padawans hanging over his head. Sukara always beleaved he should at the very least be Zera's apprentice, as he is in every way, a more powerful Jedi than Hadeous.

Angered when Zera chose Hadeous over him, he deeply resented them both after that. When he got word that the Sith main base was under attack, his ship happened to arive "late", and Zera and Hadeous had already been killed. Now free from the will of the former Sith Lords, Sukara seeks to build his own ideal Sith Empire, one wich that fool Zera could never even dream of!

*OOC* There! Hope you like it. :)

Uber_Saber 02-10-2004 01:37 PM

Jamis stumbled back from Sukara. Some people who had double-bladed lightsabers didn't know how to use them.

Unfortunately, Sukara did not fall into this group. Jamis could tell he'd devoted much time to working with his lightsaber, and recalled now some of the fame that had been beginning to spread about the man's reputed prowess.

Jamis flinched as the lightning blasted out from Sukara towards Brittany. She stopped it with ehr lightsaber, though. Jamis took the oppurtunity to send another blast of his own lightning at Sukara, and then jumped forward, stabbing very quickly, and very close to the handle of Sukara's lightsaber, trying to score a hit on the man's body.

Hiroki 02-10-2004 05:43 PM

Growling in anger, Sukara quickly blocked and dodged Jamises skillful jabs, haveing cought the lightning blast in his hand, absorbing its power, however, Jamises speed suprised him, couseing him to leap back out of his strikeing range.

*Sukara* I am...suprised at your skill Jamis, it really is to bad you didn't wish to join me. But there is no sense dwelling on the past, if I must kill you, than I will.

Turning to Brittany, he grins sheepishly, before quickly ripping the door to her ex-prison free from its henges useing the force, throwing it at her, Brittany skillfully cuts it in two.

Blocking Jamises saber attack, wich he made shortly after Sukara threw the cage at Britanny. Sukara raises his hand, sending another bolt of force lightning at her, still recovering from the slight shock of haveing the door thrown at her, she is struck in the chest with the attack, the jolts of electricity sergeing thru her, couseing her to drop to her knee's.

*Sukara* There, that should keep you both off me long enough for me to kill you, Jamis.

With a determined look, he launched rapid sucsession of slashes, cuts, and jabs at Jamis, his attacks blurring somewhat, as he uses the force to hasten his attacks.

Writer 02-11-2004 02:39 PM

Brittany's breath left her when the lightning hit and she dropped to the ground, trying to regain it. Sukara came over and stood just above her, prepared to make the killing blow, but she wasn't done yet. Her foot was close to his shin and the two connected very quickly, allowing Brittany to roll away and get up. She was still panting from the lightning, but was more than ready to fight more.

She ripped the door off of Rick's holding cell and used the force to throw it hard at Sukara.

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