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kornolio 01-20-2004 02:22 AM

Look at this...
ok,i know these belongs to the HELP board,but im desperate,i have the full game in my brothers house and i want to play this game,so i installed the demo,just to found this

why do the cutscene looks that bad?
for the record i have win xp,
also there are some bugs with some frames that look kinda weird..any idea anybody?

Tall Guy 01-20-2004 10:53 AM

having direct x 6.1 installed might help as gf dosnt work very well with later versions. you'll need to downgrade if you have the latest version, 9.

windows 98 is the prefered os for running the game as quite a few people report problems with the game when running under win xp.

also make sure you're running in 16bit colour and not 32bit

get the patch too you'll need it to fix some problems later in the game

actually i just noticed that you only have the demo, forget the patch :)

kornolio 01-20-2004 06:04 PM

i do have the game,but is not here,today im going to get it again,so im gonna install the full game on my disk and add the patch,then,if the cutscenes problem continues ill have to downgrade my dx:(

tanxs anyway

Tall Guy 01-23-2004 12:09 AM

no problem, just try it with the lower dx

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