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STTCT 01-22-2004 10:04 AM

The Official Ep III Spoiler Picture Thread
Put all your images for SW 3 here...

STTCT 01-23-2004 09:48 AM

I'm posting these, and as we all know they may be fake - but you be the judge.

Boba Rhett 01-23-2004 09:21 PM

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A clip of Lucas beating Hayden up: Linky :D

....Oh.. and this 36 meg clip of Episode III spoilers... I guess some of you may want that. Right Clicky

Also you should check out the attachment:

Sivy 01-26-2004 01:29 PM

*wets pants*

[mutters] 18 months, thats all... just another 18 months... yes, soon... 18 months... 72 weeks... yes only 72 weeks... 504 days mmmmm yes... 12,000 hours... oooo thats not so bad.. 210,000 minutes.... ooooo thats not long.... 12.8 million seconds... oh yes!!! [/mutters]

*slaps self*


btw, is he beating him up or humping his leg?

MasterN64 01-26-2004 04:00 PM


STTCT 01-27-2004 04:50 AM

I can't find the video anywhere can someone PM or post another working link? Or you could email it paaaalease??

Darth Rythe 01-27-2004 05:11 AM

There are some nice pics there people, good job.

@ Siv, BOTH!

STTCT 01-27-2004 10:37 AM

darth makaan 01-28-2004 06:02 AM

Where can I get a working link?

Glaive v.1 01-28-2004 07:06 AM

Im loving da pics guys

Squee-sithguy 01-29-2004 06:21 PM

that second to last pic looks like he was holding vaders ANH saber :)

Teenwolf 01-29-2004 10:48 PM

Where can i get your darth revan? Pcgamemods download is turned off, or link is broken.

SOrry for goin off topic heres some pic.

Squee-sithguy 01-30-2004 06:22 PM

it'll be on soon

hmm..that saber looks like a totally new one! sweet

Prime 01-30-2004 06:47 PM

Well see, you've all gone and done it. Now you got my expectations up...

tightidontcare 02-01-2004 02:34 AM

man, I must have creamed myself 3 or 4 times watching that. I actually got the vid like week before everyone else because of my connections, but damn, I can't stop watching it.

check out 1:44, it doesn't get any better than that.

Prime 02-04-2004 07:01 PM


Originally posted by tightidontcare
man, I must have creamed myself 3 or 4 times watching that.
Nice first post.

The Cheat 02-07-2004 12:54 AM

that video clip was awesome. i am loving all of these pics. its making me so excited for episode 3.

Zappa_0 02-07-2004 11:36 AM

We should be getting more pics from the newest SW Insider sometime this weekend that has the new troopers in it, maybe more!

DarkLord60 02-07-2004 09:50 PM

I hope so!

Zappa_0 02-07-2004 11:08 PM

I didnt get my Insider today, so it looks like its gonna be monday!

STTCT 02-08-2004 05:29 AM

I've seen the cover can't wait!

Boba Rhett 02-08-2004 05:43 AM

Shan just sent me this awesome picture (errr... which she made. Yeah.) and I touched it up for ya'll! Looky!

Jabbas WhOr3 02-08-2004 10:30 AM

Thats EVIL!!

The dark side has taken hold :eek: :(


Zappa_0 02-08-2004 10:40 PM

Wow nice and evil!

Sivy 02-09-2004 08:07 AM

:eek: thats cool

god this film is going to rock the most.

STTCT 02-09-2004 08:33 AM

The visor is just an accesory per HS chat w/ some dude :) can't remember.

Glaive v.1 02-09-2004 09:10 AM

Thats a cool pic. I think i saw that on da star wars site before.

Im glad the visor thing is just an accessory coz it does look a bit gay. its also cool that they are beginning to look more liie stormtroppers.

Boba Rhett 02-10-2004 05:08 AM

1 Attachment(s)
This may be old but it's new to me.

STTCT 02-10-2004 05:17 AM

i saw that scene in one of the web docs, I think the second.

Boba Rhett 02-10-2004 05:22 AM

Ok, well how about these,
Look at the gown! Looks like she's already hiding her pregnancy! :eek:


STTCT 02-10-2004 07:05 AM

Awesome! Are those the new SW Insider Pics we've all been waiting for?

Anyways - that Anakin looks a lot different the the other anakin - I"m assuming that scene with Padme happens in the beginning sometime...and

She aint hiding NOTHIN in those clothes!

Unless she tells everyone she swallowed a soccerball.

Jabbas WhOr3 02-10-2004 08:05 PM

RHEEETTT!!!! you rock man!
They are some of the best pics Ive seen yet!

:cool: Very cool yes!

Glaive v.1 02-11-2004 07:07 AM

Boba Rhett i am loving da pics dude.

have you got any more

Boba Rhett 02-11-2004 12:21 PM

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The only other new thing is this picture of General Grevious.

Boba Rhett 02-11-2004 07:37 PM

1 Attachment(s)
Here's a drawing of him too.

Jabbas WhOr3 02-12-2004 04:59 AM

From that first pic it looks like they modded a piece of rice, stuck eyes on it and called it general..... He does look a bit menacing :eek:

Glaive v.1 02-12-2004 06:52 AM


Originally posted by Jabbas WhOr3
...He does look a bit menacing :eek:
True that. he well evil

STTCT 02-12-2004 09:46 AM

Not really liken the new guy, I think...he looks stupid!

Boba Rhett 02-12-2004 09:55 AM

Me too. :(

Sivy 02-12-2004 10:06 AM

meh, i doubt he'll get much screentime. the clone wars end 5 minutes into it so i wouldn't worry about him.

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