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Rabie88 01-25-2004 07:48 PM

what do you guy's think about the new flash intro?

jep, the intro is up and working well.

what do you guy's there think about the new flash intro?:D

-ST-i_stinks 01-26-2004 06:32 AM

well i think it might be better if after the flash intro u r automatically redirected to the page instead... :)

nice work anyway

want me to submit the flash file to those jedi academy download sites?

is maybe we inform and some otherS? abt the new addition like the startup screen and the flash intro

this time they most probably won't reject i think. not like last time bcos ......xx xxx not new xxx.......... reason....

GothiX 01-26-2004 08:25 AM

I'm sorry, but I absoluteky hate the new flash intro. It's too slow, and doesn't leave an impact on me, honestly. Might have been better to record a movie of someone walking into part of the map (with cg_draw2d 0 and cg_drawgun 0), in firstperson, ten speeding up that movie in Flash, and eventually adding a bright flash where the RAJ logo rolls onto. SHouldn't be longer than 5 seconds that way, and look way more professional.

Just my two cents.

Tito 01-26-2004 02:27 PM

Hmmm... Doesn't sound like a bad idea...

I'll try that out!:)

-ST-i_stinks 01-27-2004 08:43 AM

hey u also used the raj team avartar! :)

Tito 01-28-2004 06:02 AM

Haha, mine's bigger than yours now!:p

-ST-i_stinks 01-31-2004 04:16 AM

lol topic changed

ok my view on the flash intro as a viewer

first the starting at the start

the words: i feel it can be more clearer iif it is another colour colour combination is quite important and since this is a dark side mod we can maybe try to give a more dark side feeling in the intro/background like a red glow around the intro.etc and the words well u can try yellow words with red or red words with yellow .etc others but it must mix good and look nice

then the screenshots: well thosse are the screenshots that are already found in the screenshots page i would recommend new screenshots instead that not found in the screenshots page.

i also feel that it better if it animated like we get to see some ingame action with the darth brandon moving around in some of the best maps in the game killing enemies... and also some small cut scenes of the game.

lastly when the flash intro ended with the reborn ancient jedi logho and a red sea(i assume) and the reborn there that is not much visible.
i think that the rebon can be made more visible instead of a little visible it might look better.

just my view u can ignore it if u want

Tito 01-31-2004 06:31 AM

Nono, any input is good...
I think you might be right about some of those things, so I think we might change the current one a bit, and then keep it untill we have some more maps made, so we can put together one of him fighting someone!

Rabie88 01-31-2004 04:08 PM

No no like tito said: "Any input is good!" :)

Thanks for all the comments everybody! I would
take a look at the intro and use some of our comments, I am not able to carry out all the advices:(

Sooo long suckers!!!!:p Just kidding:D

Tito 01-31-2004 04:45 PM


Originally posted by Rabie88
No no like tito said: "Any input is good!" :)
Thank you for saying the EXACT same thing as I said (even the "nono" part)!!! I'm affraid I'ma have to call Zed now...:p

I hope to see some more improvements made soon with the new Flash program you've gotten!:)

Haha, vi kan tale her uden at så mange fatter hvad fanden vi snakker om!!! Meget godt!:p

-ST-i_stinks 02-01-2004 02:18 AM


Originally posted by Tito

Haha, vi kan tale her uden at så mange fatter hvad fanden vi snakker om!!! Meget godt!:p

does this mean something like this(not sure should be full of mistakes.)

"i can be speak here except that so a lot of fatter what the devil is chatting about!!! very good"

and hey how u get the picture to work on ur sig i tried many times but failed

Tito 02-01-2004 08:00 AM

Hehe, way to use a translator! I'll guess we'll have to use Danish slang for people not to understand...:p

Erhm, the sig thing?


Replace < with [
Replace > with ]

Then it's ready to go!:)

Oh, and it's: "Haha, we can speak here since not many will understand what the heck we're talking about! Very nice!"

-ST-i_stinks 02-01-2004 09:17 AM

ah the translator i use isn't good enough :(

yea time to use my country slang too hehe...and no 1 here will understand.....:)

Rabie88 02-01-2004 08:45 PM

Wassaaa, What the wankie??:rolleyes:

LoL topic changed agian:evanpiel:

[Zed] all right, okayy, come on! [Zed]:confused:


Tito 02-02-2004 10:08 AM

About the picture-sigs:

Rabie's is working fine, so you can remove the TEST above and below if you want to!

ST, your's isn't working, because you put a = in front of the picture's url! Remove it, and it should work!

About the intro:

Rabie, have you begun on the new flash intro?

Rabie88 02-02-2004 01:28 PM

No haven't begun with the intro jet.... because i am fixing the bugs from the first level (mono)....

and about the sigs, no mine isn't working! (the "TEST" one)
My gif sign thing is just a link to the raj site, the gif pic won't show up.




Edit: me and Tito had a little discusion over MSN and concluded that it's just me that forgot to ENABLE "IMG's" :( :(

I am very sorry!
no more danceing monkey

Tito 02-02-2004 03:23 PM

Woah, way to triple post...:rolleyes:

Anyway, from now on, any testing of that sort goes into the Tests thread, and all off-topic things goes into the Other Things thread!

Just so that we won't keep going off topic...:)

-ST-i_stinks 02-20-2004 09:29 AM

ah... so how the progress of the new flash intro?

Tito 03-07-2004 03:58 PM

Hey Rabie, have you gotten started on the new intro yet?

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