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Night4554 02-02-2004 03:15 PM

Final Staes of TC: Permission from the People Never Seen
As a few of you know, I'm contacting authors regarding a TC called Knights of the Force . There's been quite a bit of hype about it, and it's been quite a bit of work for the past several months about it. I'm finally in the home stretch.

I've gotten permission to use approximatly 75 Models/Maps/Skins/Mods.

At this stage I'm trying to get permission regarding the final two dozen or so items. I was hoping you would be able to help me.




What am I asking for from you? Well Any one of the following would be killer!
  • You are one of these people! Contact Me!
  • You know how to contact one of these People! Post or Contact Me!
  • You know one of these people wouldn't mind having their item used in the TC. Contact Me!
  • You as a community can agree that these items could be used in a TC where full credit is given without explicit permission from the author due to the fact that they're AWOL

Pahricida 02-04-2004 12:45 AM

well as far as for Dad*Mad and Seb(Crea)

You might check that page:

it ain't ready yet but they'll relaunch the page soon.

Alternatively I could ask them...

For the Dash Rendar Resurgence Mod Contact:

You know OT2K ? :D

Night4554 02-04-2004 01:34 AM

I e-mailed both addresses following up on those, thanks!

As for OT2k, I don't beleive I do...

Mercenary 02-04-2004 06:32 PM

You're looking for the author who goes by the name of Dash Rendar who created a map/mod called "Forgotten Rebel Base" and that's not me.

$Michiel$ 02-04-2004 06:52 PM

Here's the profile of Quigon007 at gamingforums, they wont give his email in it, but you can email/pm him trough it.

GothiX 02-04-2004 08:14 PM is for Quigon's MSN. He isn't on much though.

Try contacting Kevin over these forums.

Night4554 02-05-2004 02:15 AM

I actually tried contacting Kevin over the forums, but it didn't work. Following up on QuiGon though, thanks!

KMan 02-07-2004 08:24 AM

Darth Maul - Adam "Cheshire" Lee (tried his email)

I think real life has gotten the better of him. I know that he had a busy time as it is with his full time job, wife and kids. This was more or less a hobby for him. the last time I spoke with him was around september of 2002, and the last thing I've seen him post was about 6 months after that.

I don't think he would have had any problem with you using his work, just be sure to use it as is, and not make modifications/changes out of respect.

Andy867 02-07-2004 08:28 AM

geez, I step away from lucasforums for a few hours, and the KMAN returns:) actually, I think I've seen you post a couple times lately but geez, I havent seen ya around since the Yoda days.

KMan 02-07-2004 08:41 AM

Yeah, I'm still around. Been doing things for other games(some paying, most not). It's kinda sad though, that most of the people I've worked with (Toonses, Arco, Cheshire, Kinja) Have pretty much all dissappeared. :(

I stick around to see if somebody will ever get my Samus and Plo Koon finished. That, and the occaisonal tidyying up on the few forums I mod on here. Especially the mapping forum, sinc you know I'm the mr. Know-it-all when it comes to mapping...

Andy867 02-07-2004 09:15 AM

KMAN= Know-it-all MAN:) AHH it all makes sense now:) hehe
Yea, Toonces pops in every now and then, but arco, kinja and chesire have pretty much moved on.

Night4554 02-25-2004 03:34 AM

Thanks guys, you've let me check off many people. I'm reposting who I have left




I'm hoping at this point that you're an old friend of one of these authors, or worked with them and can tell me that they won't mind it being in the TC so I can move forward and get this hosted finally.

Night4554 03-03-2004 04:37 PM


keshire 03-04-2004 12:02 PM

Kevin coyle recently made a resourgance on these boards. He released the anakin skywalker model. Shoot him a pm and see if he responds.

Wudan 03-09-2004 12:54 PM

Just took a quick look over at - looks like the_mute is still active, just go hop on his thread and ask:

jp-30 03-23-2004 09:02 PM

Hey Tom,

Don't forget to check the Readme files on all the wanted items, as some may already give permission in the readmes for their re-use, so long as certain criteria are adhered to (no x-rated mods, due credit etc).


zERoCooL2479 03-25-2004 04:32 PM

lol...someone looking for BOFH/Spectrum

gah...if he only knew ;)

Night4554 03-27-2004 01:18 AM

I want to know! I wanna know!!!! :p

Seriously though, what's up? You can pm me if you like.... :confused:

Samuel Dravis 04-15-2004 08:50 PM


Originally posted by zERoCooL2479
lol...someone looking for BOFH/Spectrum

gah...if he only knew ;)

Heh, that is funny. :) Just no one start it up again...

Night4554 05-08-2004 02:14 PM

I hate to keep bumping this, but I need advice on what to do. I haven't been able to get in contact with these people, should I just push the mod through or keep trying?

WhiteShdw 05-08-2004 03:47 PM

about the Battledroid model, I'd suggest using the version made by Prophet. I think it's the best modeled version out there and it has the most skin options as well. You might have more luck contacting that guy as well.

a quote from the readme file:


You may distribute this model file, provided this readme and the zbattledroid.pk3 file remain intact. Whenever possible I\'d like to be notified if you\'re distributing this, but I don\'t mind. It may not be edited in any way or used for any purpose other than a user-made modification for Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast without asking me first. I have skin maps available to anyone who wishes to skin it.

bigjet 04-26-2006 03:41 PM

Dash Rendar Resurgance
When I try to unzip the file to gamedata, it says I need a password, does anyone know about this??

razorace 04-29-2006 05:14 PM

wow. zombie thread AND completely off topic. Repost as a new thread man!

luke_katarn 04-04-2007 06:10 PM

Sith j has a forum, maybe you might find more mappers there ;)

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