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serenajcat 02-06-2004 07:48 PM

sam and max frog rock help
Hi I am playing Sam and Max hit the road on XP. I have got the sound to work and everything okay until I am looking for Frog Rock. I have set up the binoculas with the wires and the lens but apart from pressing esc I can stop the binoculas. I can not click to go right either the screen just continually goes left and will not add frog rock to my map? Anyone help?

iisaac 02-07-2004 01:24 PM

Control the rotation's direction with left- or right-clicks on the needle between Sam's cuffs.

toenail1 02-18-2004 03:17 PM

yeah, i used to not know how to do that, but just right or left click and it should work

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