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Kazzahdrane 03-07-2004 12:36 PM

No sound after pressing F1
I'm trying to play the game again on my new PC which has Win XP. I couldn't get any sound outwith cut scenes so I copied all the files over to the HD. Now I have music and voices, but as soon as I open the in-game menu the sound mutes and does not come back on without quitting and starting a new game.

Any ideas?

GhosTFAcE 03-10-2004 04:17 PM

yeah this is the same problem as i have got... i taught it had something to do whit the hyperthreading... but hey if i desable hyper threading my computer crashes at startup... anyway... you can get sound back if you save and then quit and gett that splashscreen and click on restore last saved game...
this sux taugh... there must be a way to fix this... it really pisses me off. Its the sounds that make the game cool and if there gone half the joy of playing is gone...

deamons of lucas arts they take away full throttle hell on wheels and sam and max 2 and now i can't play grim fandango! i hate this ****!

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