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GreenClue 03-08-2004 06:23 AM

Sam & Max, phone messages for LA
Hey all,

I haven't logged into this account for, I don't know, YEARS now (I haven't really had to) but after finding out about all of this... -_-

Anyway, according to AnyWho, LucasArts has several numbers (with more than 1 address and other variations). These probably aren't important but just to gather the facts, in case something actually IS relevant:

1) 415-472-3400
Lucasarts Entertainment
Po Box 10307
San Rafael, CA 94912

2) 415-472-3400 (same # as above)
Lucasarts Entertainment - Main OFC (Office?)
San Rafael, CA 94901 (diff Zip Code than above)

3) 415-507-0300 (can also FAX to this #)
Lucasarts Tech Support
San Rafael, CA 94901

4) 415-507-4545
Lucasarts Tech Support
San Rafael, CA 94901

5) 415-507-0300 (can also FAX to this #)
Po Box 10307
San Rafael, CA 94912

Okay, so obviously there are a few duplications with info switched around, so who knows. Listings aren't accurate.

I called 415-472-3400, the options were:
- Switchboard hours are Mon-Fri 9 AM-6 PM
- If you know your party's ext. press at any time
- Press 2 for job inquiries
- Press 3 for the store
- Tech support is 415-507-4545

Looks like 1 could come in handy? I didn't leave a message because it would be better to write up what you're going to say first so that it's eloquent instead of screaming profanities into the phone and deafening the poor soul that checks the voicemail.

So that's just another option besides e-mail, snail mail, petition, hate site and protest :) And any other retaliation I missed.

Edit: Tech support number was in fact the same as above when I called the second time to leave a message, my bad.

Brushguy 03-08-2004 12:37 PM

I'll add them to the site ASAP.

toenail1 03-08-2004 07:15 PM

:( if only it wasnt long distance

i would if it wasnt, or if it was a 1-800 line

Pork_Soda 03-08-2004 09:10 PM

I was just looking at an old Day of the Tentacle add and it lists the phone number 1-800-StarWars at the end of it. I know that's 1 too many numbers, and maybe SCUMM edited it, but that could be a number, I dunno. I'm just giving info I find.

Skinkie 03-09-2004 02:22 AM

That was the old Hintline, don't know if it's still up. Doesn't really matter anyway.

jade wizard 03-09-2004 03:48 AM

They had 1800-StarWars in monkey island 2 in the deep jungle of Dinky island by using a public phone.

SyntheticGerbil 03-09-2004 03:53 AM

Mane, yall niggaz crzy, dat hotline so fukkin old! gawddamm!

GreenClue 03-09-2004 05:58 AM

Well... it's long distance for me too (Toronto) but if you're only on the phone for a minute and a half tops. I think it's worth it, think of it as another postage stamp for the snail mail ;) I think the phonecalls could make an impact, but only if there is a significant amount.

I called and left a (polite-ish) message. For those that want to leave a message and do it fast:

- Call outside of the 9 AM-6 PM local time timeframe or else you might get a real live person (unless you WANT a real live person, but they could disconnect you)
- Press 1 to "Leave a Message"
- It will ask for who the message is for (e.g. Public Relations), wait for beep (takes a while), say a department or person, press *
- It will ask for your name, wait for beep (takes a while), say your name, press *
- It will ask for your phone no., wait for beep (takes a while), say your phone no., press *
- It will ask for your message, wait for beep (takes a while), ramble on for a while about what's on your mind, DON'T FORGET TO PRESS * OR YOUR MESSAGE WILL NOT SAVE (I almost forgot), it will say something about saving your message, then it will beep again, you can hang up at this point

This won't do any impact at all if I'm the only one leaving a voice message tho :rolleyes: So c'mon people!

Max Salmon 03-10-2004 01:38 AM

My Sig is the ending of the conversation between the secretary of Nelson and my brother

SyntheticGerbil 03-10-2004 02:20 AM

OH! THE NON-Myster Science Theatre BROTHER!

Metallus 03-10-2004 07:19 AM

Remember me?

samandmaxfiend 03-10-2004 09:00 AM

if some1 wants to hear what 1 sam and max fan said to mike nelson secretary check

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