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Chron-O-John 03-19-2004 09:35 PM

This web site has become so depressing
I keep hoping to see a new message on this website stating that sam and max freelance police is back in development because of the gaming market which lacks in humorous adventure gameplay. I'm ready to go postal on Lucasarts. This doesn't make any sense, why would they be so close to completing a video game and just decide to cancel it. The game was set to be on the shelves spring of 2004!! Maybe they are pulling our legs, maybe they know there are diehard fans out there and they wanted to see our reactions. Or maybe the game isn't canceled, maybe they just delayed the development for a later date so they could release all of their star wars laser beam I wish I could bang Princess Leia crap first!

Pork_Soda 03-19-2004 10:30 PM

Yea, I wanna see some new news on this matter. Why hasn't lucas arts posted any new statements! Please LA, shed some light on this situation!

Brushguy 03-20-2004 12:59 AM

Lucasarts will bring it back. I know it. After they see the angry fans at Krash Kow's protest on Monday (March 22nd) and protestors at E3, they'll realize they've done something wrong.

I just thought of something. What if they ALREADY realize they made a mistake, but can't figure out how to officially undo and heal all of this hub-bub without looking incredibly stupid. What if they are embarrassed and afraid to come out? If that's the case, it's all our faults that Sam and Max 2 hasn't come back yet for spreading all this hate. :eek:

Chron-O-John 03-20-2004 04:48 AM

It's a mystery
It's a mystery, but at least there is scummvm!

Skinkie 03-20-2004 05:31 AM

If they want lots of money they should release a bang princess leia game. The geeks'd suck that dry... ew....

Dimensio 03-20-2004 06:27 AM

LA isn't going to revive the title. They don't care about producing quality software, they are only interested in producing mindless purile shovelware with the Star Wars license. Yes, it's not going to be quality work like Freelance Poilce, but they can spend a minimum amount of money on producing the worthless piece of crap, shove it into a box and into stores, and people will buy it simply because of the Star Wars label.

SyntheticGerbil 03-20-2004 06:58 AM

Hell, I might download a pirated copy of BANG PRINCESS LEIA.

I say Skinkie is management material. Make him supermod.

Chron-O-John 03-20-2004 08:54 PM

Princess Leia
Yeah, that should be our fangame, get a hold of that red guitar dude, I have an idea for a game called George Lucas' quest to bang princess Leia!

Skinkie 03-21-2004 04:45 AM

Dude, please don't get George Lucas into this, his naked body is sure to make people sue for justification.

Orca Wail 03-21-2004 06:24 PM


...I never know WHAT I'm gonna find here....

A protest, ay? :)

Come on everybody, let's do a sh*t-on sit-in on Lucas Arts!

"Everybody get on the bus..."

How could you lose a game of Bang Princess Leia?

Samnmax221 03-21-2004 07:03 PM

She could lightsaber your dick off

Skinkie 03-22-2004 01:56 AM

It could have a please 'o meter, if you don't use the force right, she leaves in the middle.

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