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EvilKnick 03-20-2004 01:56 AM

Kevin Coyle's Anakin: SP model looks like crap
This model is the greatest Ive ever seen,....And it looks amazing in multiplayer, especially the hair,...

Once I saw it I knew I had to have it for single player,....but Im not savy enough to convert models to SP,...

After much searching, I found a file that claimed to do just what I wanted,...but there's a problem,...

I don't know if this is an earlier version of Kevin's model or if for some reason the modder simplified the model in his conversion,...but his hair looks terrible,.....

Where once there were fine realistic looking hairs, nowthere are black blocks surrounding each strand, making it look like he as all these little black things on his head, drives me crazy:mad:

If anyone could address these issues I would be most pleased,....

Why does the model I have downloaded in MP look so amazing, yet the file I downloaded for SP look so crappy? Is it an earlier version, or will this happen to anyone who tries to convert the model to SP?:fett:

keestuijp 03-20-2004 05:03 PM

same problem here... :'(

redsaurus 03-20-2004 06:05 PM

Anakin SP
I'm not sure if this helps with the hair (It should do), but I made an Anakin SP race.
You can download it here . It only has support for the default version-the team colours aren't selectable. You need the MP Anakin file in Gamedata/base

EvilKnick 03-21-2004 01:54 AM

Alright, AWESOME !!!
This model looks great,.....but,.....

How can I fix this ?

ALso, what is the exact name of the character model file so I can change my saved game character to this version,.....

keestuijp 03-21-2004 08:02 AM

thank you very much :)

redsaurus 03-21-2004 01:08 PM

EDIT: Sorry, double post

redsaurus 03-21-2004 01:09 PM

You can download this .pk3 file that fixes the problem with the female jaden voice (at least it should do...)

The model name (like jedi_kdm) is KC_anakin.

EvilKnick 03-21-2004 08:56 PM

Thank you very very very very much!!!!!

EvilKnick 03-21-2004 10:31 PM

Alright, new problems,...

First of all, i was messing around with my files and chose to open a pk3 with "notepad",....

Now all of my PK3's are notepad files, do I change it back to default? I used to know how to change files default applications but I cant remeber,.....

Secondly,....I opened my current game and tried to change the playermodel to your new KC_anakin,......

It said it could'nt locate npc KC_anakin and it changed my skin to a Stormtrooper,.....:(

I typed:

playermodel KC_anakin

is this not what I am supposed to do ?

The world is a harsh place for me :)

EvilKnick 03-23-2004 12:47 AM

At the rate these replies are going I"ll have beaten the game again before I get things working properly.:)

I'm already on the mission where Kyle and I go to rescue Rosh once and for all,...

I can't get my model to change to the new anakin redsaurus sent me,....

I would simply start a new game with the model, but I cant remember the cheats to give myself the double lightsaber,....and change the colors to the blue and green,....I"ll start searching I suppose.

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