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VanLingo 03-23-2004 08:03 AM

Role-Playing Guidelines
Everyone --

For those of you who have never posted in an RP forum, here are some guidelines... These are important! They make the experience enjoyable for everyone if you follow them.

A. Background
Background is not always needed, but helps so that you don't have to explain everything you do. Tip: Post background info in the character databases.
B. Flaws
It is important that you know and prepare your character's flaws as well as weaknesses. If you don't develop weaknesses, your character will dominate, which is unfair to other RPers.
C. Control
Never, EVER control someone else's character! This includes speaking. Why? Because you might be doing or saying something that character wouldn't do. Tip: If you want to prod someone to say or do something, leave your post open-ended, and they'll pick it up on it.

A. Keep it moving
Remember to keep the story moving. Out-of-character notes can be added in, but make sure that something is happening, or someone may end up stuck somewhere.
B. Length
When you're RPing, remember that every story has to have some kind of plot. RPs generally have more than one plot, but each one has to end somewhere. If you get to the point where the storyline isn't solid anymore, get out of there. There is nothing wrong with continuing the adventure in another thread -- it not only allows room for a new plot, but it also makes it much easier for late joiners to follow along. Note: When's the last time you joined a thread late and had to dig through 4 pages of story? It sucks. There is no shame in creating a new thread for simplicity's sake.

That's all I can come up with. If anybody wants to add on, please do so.

VanLingo 03-25-2004 07:08 PM

A. Spelling and Grammar
Always, ALWAYS make sure you are spell checking and grammar checking your posts. Too many times you will find posts with horrible grammar and the entire experience can become botched. Tip: We aren't all writers. So start your post in Word or some other processor that can spell check, then copy/paste it into the forums.
B. "Stop talking and listen"
It's always a good idea to slow down for a while and let a few others post. You don't have to post every time you visit the forums. If you sit back and let the story unfold, it becomes a much better team effort, instead of a one-writer sweep.

yaebginn 06-05-2004 01:06 PM

Realistic- Even though it's Star Wars, try to make it believable to a degree. Dont make your guy be able to fly from Ord Mantel to bespin in an hour when it would take about a week or so. Try to make it even a bit beliebable.

Sabretooth 06-11-2004 11:07 PM

n00bs writing rules and regulations? What has this world come to???


You need not always think about Star Wars. Try Matrix RPGs, or LOTR RPGs, or maybe even real-life RPGs! (OK, go catch Bin Laden, yeah, that'll be cool!)

Controlling NPCs is allowed, to a certain extent. The NPC shouldn't play a leading role, otherwise you will be controlling two characters. If you really want something like that, ask a friend to join as that NPC. OK, NPCs can basically just walk around, do something away from the action, merely watch, or say interact with characters. Example:

George slumped into the Cantina and ordered a beer. The Bartender (who is the NPC) recommended a wine instead. George agreed and asked a wine. The Bartender brought a nice, cold wine, year 1984.

Got that? Good! Now have fun! (And follow the rules :) )

Sharpshooter 09-25-2004 06:07 AM

I know this is off topic, but if anyone can get this message to VanLingo please do so. VanLingo I tried to get on to the mynock squad sect. at our website and it wouldn't let me. I couldn't post anything. Also, I would would like to know what squad I'm on and what position I play. Oh, yeah! can't get on to our main site either.

Sabretooth 09-25-2004 07:31 AM


Originally posted by Sharpshooter
I know this is off topic, but if anyone can get this message to VanLingo please do so. VanLingo I tried to get on to the mynock squad sect. at our website and it wouldn't let me. I couldn't post anything. Also, I would would like to know what squad I'm on and what position I play. Oh, yeah! can't get on to our main site either.
Go to VanLingo's profile>PM him the message. Once you have done that, delete this post by going to Edit>Delete. (Edit is found in the lower-right corner of your post)
Once I see that post in the clear, I'll delete mine.

Redwing 09-25-2004 09:26 AM

Actually, I'm not sure that will work, since VanLingo is banned. (Never been banned myself, so I don't know if your PMs still work, but I'm not sure a banned person would check them anyway. :))

You'd be better off emailing him; he has a link in his profile as well as in his sig to do so.

(And yes, I'm the 'official' mod here, even though I don't have Battlefront, and alot of you don't know me. Someone must have been drinking ;))

Doomie 09-25-2004 10:16 AM

Perhaps you should also copy the rules from the other RPG forums and post them here. Or perhaps i could do that if i weren't so lazy. Allright, i'll do it.

By the way, what got Yaeb banned this time? Is it for good this time?

EDIT: alright, here it is, shamelessly copied from forums:

What this forum covers is simple, and you probably already know it if you read the forum description.

Despite the name "Star Wars Roleplaying", you can roleplay in any universe here. (LotR, Matrix, something new...) If you look at the threads around here, you should figure that out pretty quickly.

If you've never started an RPG before, it's pretty easy. Just post a setting for the story to happen in, a character for yourself (generally), and any special rules or guidelines, and you're all set.

General Rules

1. First of all, this forum is part of the Battlefront Community, so everyone is obliged to follow the overall forum rules and code of conduct for the community. Although, of course, your fictional characters do not.

2. Threads discussing RPG issues are allowed, but not threads advertising other RPG sites, or general threads that belong in The Sliced TaunTaun or other SWBF forums. Such threads will be closed or moved to the appropriate forum.

3. Don't spam, please. Spam is basically that which has no point or does not contribute. Spammy threads will be closed. Spammy posts will be edited or deleted.

4. Try not to double-post. It clutters up the thread. Use the Edit button to add in new thoughts. Double posts may either be merged or deleted (if they're duplicates, and there's too many of them)

RPG Guidelines

There are two main types of roleplaying (RPGing): rules-based and story-based. In rules-based RPG threads,
the Game Master decides the outcome of fights and what not. Ex: You cannot say you shoot and kill another player character, say you shot at him/her...then the GM will decide.

However, in a story-based RPG,
the person who starts the RPG just makes rules for it, not decide the outcome of all fights; however if problems arise, whoever started the RPG is still in control.

Who decides which kind of RPG a thread will be? Why, the person/people who start/s the thread, of course. But regardless of which type it is, certain rules always apply:

1. No godmoding. This essentially means:

Originally posted by obi-wan13
"I am all-powerful, all knowing, omnipotent being and I can whoop everything on Earth"

This applies to things as well as beings. The only time you can do this is if a thread is made in which it is specifically allowed. Otherwise, it can ruin an RPG. If this happens, it will either be ignored or deleted upon request.

2. No character control. This is a special category of godmoding. Do not control what someone else's character does, says, or thinks. At least not without permission, preferably prior. Without such consent, this is godmoding.

3. Follow the thread rules. You know the first post of an RPG? Usually the thread-starter will post rules there. Always read them. Also keep in mind that if the guy/girl (or group) in charge of the thread has final say in what is godmoding and what isn't. Of course they're not infallible, but it's their RPG. If a group of people is pretty much running a thread, as sometimes happens, then try to work things out nicely. No flame wars.

4. Please participate. Stories die if no one does anything. Don't post once, then leave. Likewise, it's not terribly courteous to just vanish in the middle of a story for no reason. Stories die without the storytellers.

5. Finally, and most importantly - Have fun!

Feedback is both welcomed and desired. ^_^

Pared this down a bit ;) - Redwing

Redwing 09-26-2004 04:46 PM

Too lazy to cut out the parts that referred heavily to the JK forums/rules, Doomie? ;)

What VanLingo said is pretty sufficient, though, even if he is banned now. :)

TheOutrider 11-27-2004 10:44 AM

Umm I don't have Battlefront so can I still RP here?

Jaden Malip 11-27-2004 11:31 AM


Originally posted by TheOutrider
Umm I don't have Battlefront so can I still RP here?
Don't see why not.

Evil Dark Jedi 11-27-2004 04:51 PM


Originally posted by TheOutrider
Umm I don't have Battlefront so can I still RP here?
You can. Anyone can actually.

Redwing 11-27-2004 09:22 PM

...Yeah. ;)

Dominantslayer 12-06-2004 11:53 AM

low down
i was just wondering if i could get the lowdown on this roleplaying it on battlefront, or just on the forum???:fett:

Evil Dark Jedi 12-13-2004 06:34 PM

It is for the forum. You can make or join a RP and just post with the story. ;)

berjanga 01-02-2005 11:12 AM



guybroom 01-04-2005 11:17 AM

first post on in this forum ---- :)
I couldn't be bothered to check what redwing edited out of the rules that doomie posted, I read the whole thing in the other forum, so are there any major differences? (any minor differences?)

Redwing 01-04-2005 12:06 PM

All I did was edit out the references to the JK community rules, which don't apply here. ;)

Standard roleplaying rules apply as usual. I'll clean up the mess in this thread as soon as I get time :) don't worry too much, just don't godmode or annoy people and you're fine :D

Kex Tefh 09-18-2005 06:03 AM

Just thought I'd point out, When starting an RP make sure you CLEARLY provide the background. Specify the Rules in an "easy to understand" format. And try to keep an up to date Character list: EG Have an Imp list with each Name and Class etc.

Relenzo2 12-14-2006 08:39 AM

And I find this a good rule of thumb to avoid flooding the forum with useless RPGs that noone is playing, do not start a thread of your own unless you are already playing in two others.

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