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Wasobi33 03-27-2004 07:55 AM

Other cancled Lucas Arts games...
Well to add to the Sam N' Max cancellation, they have also cancled Zak Mckracken, a great title made around the days of Maniac Mansion, which was also cancled. Lucas Arts was planning on making sequals to all of these games 1 year after release, and cancled them all. The only title still going really is Monkey Island, and their still making it good, thank god for that. I e-mailed lucas arts about all of these titles twice, i didnt get a reply on anything. I also e-mailed Seirra on the Leisure Suit Larry titles, another very great series (although adult rated) and recieved no reply, im beginning to think they dont care about people who loved the classics.

Dr Edison 007 03-27-2004 11:14 AM

Zak McKracken was released, or are you referring to a sequel, because if you look you can find a freeware one pretty easily.

And don't think that they don't care (even though they probably don't), because they never reply to messages.

Quackass 04-04-2004 12:37 PM

yeah, i remember seeing that fan-made Zak McKracken2 website back when it was being developed, which reminds me, what ever came of IndianaJones and the Fate Of Atlantis 2?

scabb 04-04-2004 06:52 PM

Well, "Indiana Jones & The Fountain of Youth" definitely exists - it might have been "FOA2" once upon a time. There are probably several Indy projects.

The same goes for Zak - there are three (or more) different "sequels" (1 - 2 - 3), the latter of which has been finished and availabel to download for a while now.

Jake 04-04-2004 11:18 PM

I think Quackass is talking about the still-existing FOA2 project at

Samnmax221 04-05-2004 12:50 AM

I treid that Zak 2 game but could't figure out what to do Where was it agian

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