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shukrallah 04-12-2004 01:06 AM

Star Wars Redemption: A JKA Scripted Movie
I decided to make a new thread. Basically, this is a movie for JA Single Player, aka, a cutscene. It will be made up of different levels. When I say movie, it means there is no playing. Just watching, like a movie. My old thread, located here basically said the same thing. So, why the new thread? There are several reasons. Its now for JA. It now has a name (Star Wars: Redemption) and, I have finally got some proof that this project is still alive. Not to mention, the old thread is old. :D The trailer is complete, well, the scripted part is. All I have to do is get the 'ok' from N3G1@, and ill send it to him, and he will add in all the sounds. With that said, lets move on.

14 Screenshots of the Trailer to keep you happy for now:

Edited: Scroll down for the links!

Bandwidth is short, I only get 5 MBs a day with this host, so if you run out of bandwidth, check back early the next day.

The trailer is 3.34 MB (3,511,286 bytes). Its 1:43 mins long, and 320 x 240 resolution. WMV Format, the bitrate is 264Kbps, Audio Codec: Windows Media Audio 9
VBR Quality 75, 44 kHz, stereo 1-pass VBR. Video codec is: Windows Media Video 9. 30 Frames Per Second.

Yeah.. not that good. Thats a good reason why the final release should just simply be left in JA. Unless you want to DL a 100 MB movie. Not many people will download a movie like that, at least, not a fan film movie made through a video game. In JA, your resolution could reach 2048 X 1536, reach a FPS a lot higher than 30 (the trailer is 30 FPS) Dynamic Glow, the Highest possible sound, and much more, for a small download of maybe 10 MBs.

The trailer is basically a preview of some of the major characters in this movie. Later on, closer to the end of this project, I will make a Trailer 2, which will actually have parts of the movie in it, just to reming people that this project is still out there. Thats the reason for this trailer. Nothing that happens in this trailer happens in the movie. Some of the things that happen, may resemble things that happen in the movie, but its not exact.

This project has the potential to be really good, or really bad, depending on how its done. Progress is slow, because of the scripting. The mapping can be done pretty easily. Right now, im scripting and mapping, and I did a few simple skins. N3G1@ is adding sound to the trailer, making the menu screen, and making new animations for the film. I had all the voice actors I needed, but its been so long since ive contacted them, that im not even sure if they will be available anymore. Im going to reply in my old recruiting thread and ask them to reply here, if they are still onboard, if none reply, I will then need new voice actors.

Right now, im taking the two biggest parts, Luke and Cortez. Kyle will be taken from the game, and so will Jan. Some JK2 sounds may be used in this project.

Redemption Characters

Kyle Katarn - The main character in this story, he is a Jedi Master at the Jedi Academy.

Luke Skywalker - Luke is the leader of the Jedi Academy, and will come in handy later on in the story. Luke will originally send Kyle on this mission from the Academy.

Cortez - The Dark Jedi who is the mastermind behind the plot, to take over the galaxy, starting with the destruction of the Jedi Academy.

Boba Fett - Boba Fett plays two roles in this story, the first one, as a mercenary for hire, the second role, as a man seeking revenge.

Jan Ors - The long time partner of Kyle Katarn, who is sent to assist Kyle on this mission.

Stormtrooper Commander - A minor character in this story, this is the best stormtrooper in Cortez' army. He wears the traditional white armor, as well as blue armor.

Reborn Warrior - One of the last reborn from Dessan and Tavion's armies. He is trying one last time to gain power and control.

Rebel Spy - The spy for the New Republic who finds out about Cortez' plan to conquer the galaxy.

Rebel Commander - The commander of the rebels sent to assist Kyle and Jan on their mission.

Be sure to check out my site for the latest information on the project:


Alegis 04-13-2004 08:02 AM

May you not find an old voice actor :box1:

El Sitherino 04-13-2004 10:16 AM

I'LL BE THE GAY PIRATE!... wait....
I could give a shot at the stormtrooper. <_<.
PS: get back to your F*cking irc channel :xp:

shukrallah 04-13-2004 02:30 PM

Yeah, I got a new comp, so, i dont have mIRC, and im trying to figure out how to set trillian up, since its free, and has IRC.

I guess you can be the stormtrooper, I dont think father torque even comes here anymore.

lassev 04-13-2004 08:48 PM

Great to hear you are making progress! Let's hope the "cinematic format" doesn't bring you such problems as it did for Kengo and especially me. Just take care to write very fine scripts. They can pose surprising problems. Especially in JA.

shukrallah 04-13-2004 11:06 PM

Thanks man, yeah, I plan on making smaller levels now, so, the movie will be divided into more parts, but I wont have super long scripts. That should help to stop conflicts in the movie.

shukrallah 04-15-2004 06:44 PM

Hey lassiv, do you think the guys who had trouble running yours, didnt have some kind of weird mod installed or something? Anyways, N3G1@ hosted the pics for me, so here are the new links, no bandwidth limits!

Kengo 04-16-2004 10:25 AM


Originally posted by lukeskywalker1
Hey lassiv, do you think the guys who had trouble running yours, didnt have some kind of weird mod installed or something?
Possibly, but it was a pretty widespread problem. Its amazing how often there are problems with different files because they clash for some reason, you just can't really do much to avoid it so it would seem.

The screenshots look interesting - I see some good action is involved, definately the hardest thing to script by a distance (for me anyway) and always what people want to see! Sounds a good decision to split it into smaller parts too.

lassev 04-16-2004 11:21 AM


Originally posted by lukeskywalker1
Hey lassiv, do you think the guys who had trouble running yours, didnt have some kind of weird mod installed or something?
Considering Team Corellia Part1 the main problem was the wait("task") command that turned out to be unsuitable for certain situations, as was confirmed by Jesterspaz. The models missing in the very first version (what a n00b error on my part) was however related to the fact that many models are only shipped with the Radiant package.

A number of people had troubles with Lighthouse, and I think many of those problems arose from bad scripting conventions... Hopefully I have learnt from past mistakes and my scripts will be better in the future (and at present) :)

Pnut_Man 04-16-2004 04:29 PM

Just a little word of advise (and this is completely up to your preference):

If you're going to include stormies + e11s, USE HAPSLASH'S FOR HOLY PENGUINS!!!

I'm sure the devilish modeller/skinner would have no problem letting you use his creations in the video, and I feel they would definitely bring about a greater visual effect..

Enough of my rambling, nice effort in the project so far.

shukrallah 04-17-2004 11:18 PM

Yeah, they are nice, but I took them out of my base folder when I recorded that, because I didnt have permission. The stormtroopers/sandtrooper models he made are some of the best models out there, and some of the few Ive downloaded. Ive also downloaded the anakin model (that was a good model)

shukrallah 04-30-2004 09:32 PM

Check it out guys:

The trailer has sound! Im not sure if N3G1@ has completed it yet, but still. Its pretty good, no?

Kengo 05-01-2004 03:45 AM

Very impressive Luke, I don't think anyone has scripted JA combat so well since the game itself was made. A few nice camera moves too, I especially liked the zooming in on a stormtrooper then pulling back suddenly as he fired at our heroes. In a few places it is just a little bit confusing I guess, I don't really understand why a part of the floor falls away, a stormtrooper falls into it, then Boba flies into it then out again? Maybe it will become clearer after a few more watches. Anyway, I can really appreciate the excellent and challenging scripting, well done!

shukrallah 05-01-2004 04:45 PM

Everything in the trailer reflects something that happens in the movie. So you know, with those 2 characters something is going to happen with a whole, and an explosion ;)


I don't really understand why a part of the floor falls away, a stormtrooper falls into it, then Boba flies into it then out again?
Oh, and notice when hes falling (if you can see it) there are det packs in his hands. He sets them inside of the hole.

Zappa_0 05-02-2004 09:32 AM

Wow I just watched your trailer luke, it looks good. Kengo you certainly have some good compitition now! As I am in the JA movie business aswell, I prefer working with people then computers. Its just my way. Good luck on your movie dude, cant wait to see it finished!

shukrallah 05-04-2004 10:32 PM

Thanks man :)

Anyways, Ive begun mapping some more of movie. Hope it looks good in-game.

wedge2211 05-05-2004 01:00 AM

Some very impressive camera/scripting work there! (I actually think some bits were done better than Kengo's...*frantically looks over shoulder*). I hope you have a good, riveting, original plotline to go with it.

shukrallah 05-05-2004 12:47 PM

Maybe, but a few bits in mine were pretty cheap, like luke cutting that beam down looked fake. The saber touched it and it just snapped.

EDIT: Yeah, Ive got a story line planned out.

Kengo 05-05-2004 04:06 PM


Originally posted by wedge2211
Some very impressive camera/scripting work there! (I actually think some bits were done better than Kengo's...*frantically looks over shoulder*). I hope you have a good, riveting, original plotline to go with it.
Wheres your damn voice-actor loyalty? Eh? Eh? ;) I definately think you've handled the action very well, something I haven't got close to yet. Camerawork is very good in places too, and its dramatic - a hard thing to do.

lassev 05-05-2004 05:21 PM

I gotta agree with things said here: The cinematic scripting and especially the camera work was very fine indeed. Keep up the good work!

shukrallah 05-06-2004 04:37 PM

Yeah, the hardest part is yet to come though: an actual saber battle (like in taspir 2)

lassev 05-07-2004 03:55 AM

Maybe you could restrict the area with NPC_noentry (or what was the special clip shader again) and use camera_groups for the NPCs to keep them on the center of the view. Then just turn them loose and let the AI do the fighting, at least as far as you would like something special to happen. And you could of course just put there triggers that only control the cameras. That way you could also keep the action close to the view.

You could monitor healt or just let the fighting go on for some specified time, and when that happens, turn them to behaviorstate(cinematic) once again and make them go to some specific spot, and continue with more traditional fully scripted cinematic work.

shukrallah 05-07-2004 04:45 PM

I thought about that, but, theres always that possibility that there AI could mess up...

Im thinking about animating it.

shukrallah 06-23-2004 08:28 PM

Alright, I think Ive figured the order of things out:
  • Star Wars Scrolling Text (A long time ago in a galaxy far far away........ etc etc)
  • Chapter 1 "The Spy"
  • Part 1 "Enter Cortez"
  • Part 2 "The Breifing"
  • Part 3 "The Seperation"
  • Chapter 2 "The Base"
  • Part 1 "Breaking In"
  • Part 2 "Stormtroopers!"
  • Part 3 "Captured"
  • Chapter 3 "Saving Kyle"
  • Part 1 "Luke's Vision"
  • Part 2 "Cortez' Plan"
  • Part 3 "Luke's Journey"
  • Part 4 "Luke's Plan"
  • Chapter 4 "Finale"
  • Part 1 "Boba's Revenge"
  • Part 2 "Reborn Power"
  • Part 3 "Boba's Fight"
  • Part 4 "Cortez' Story"
  • Part 5 "The Death of a Brother"
  • Credits

It looks like a lot, but its not... in total 15 maps. But the scenes are short. Like "The Breifing" thats just it... apart from some ships flying, its just a breifing. :) The hard ones will be fighting scenes. There will be a short fight in all of them, except "The Breifing."

Im hoping to get it done by the end of the summer, Trailer one is at

shukrallah 07-06-2004 11:12 PM

Around this time last year I started scripting (at least a working script)

I loaded Kengo's tutorials, and made a box. I threw an info_player_start in the room, and put a camera in, I soon learned that the player doesnt show up, so i put NPC_kyle in. I added a little octagonal pipe through the wall, some stormtroopers in a room that followed. I learned camera movement by scripting the camera throguh the pipe. I learned walking by making the stormtroopers aproach an officer, I learned talking by scripting a small convo... little did i know that crappy script would turn into this :D After 7 (non-stop scripting) I released on June 8th here, and June 9th at gamingforums.

Anyways, enough of that. Trailer1 is on a little let down because of the rating (5.5 currently) I wish people would post why they gave it a low score, im trying to make this project the best I can. If it wasnt for a lot of you, I would still have a big box room, and some crappy scripts.

Anyways, in Part 1, its in coruscant, and im trying to make it like a real city. NPCs walking the streets, ships flying... things like that. Ive already got maybe 10-15 NPCs doing 'stuff' and 2 ships flying around (one of them has some weird MD3 bug, the other is the spy's stolen ship)

Ill post some screenshots tommorrow, and please, critisize! Lassev has done a nice job so far (really... I want constructive criticism.

shukrallah 07-10-2004 11:06 PM

Ok, the pictutres are late... I needed to host a lot of pics with less, but my other host only provided 5 MBs a day, but now, I have a new host (thanks to TfighterPilote)

A reskin of Cortez:
I added a yellow tint to his eyes (you know in KOTOR if you start turning evil, Revan's eyes start turning yellow) I figured Id do something like that with this guy. Youll see a dramatic change in Cortez as the movie nears its end.

Ok, tell me ways to increase the quality of these pics: (please, read the post above for the reason)

(I resized the rest, so they are small)

Ok, besides the lack of light, floating consoles, and missing textures (shader problem) what can I do to make this more cinematic, more star wars like. The city area is coruscant.

My plan is to start with the spy jumping out the ship (already scripted) a tie flies by, he already knows he is being tracked by the imps, and he runs into a near by building (that very large one behind all the walking people/aliens) The other shots are of that building. Im going to add light sources on the ceiling, and of course, actual lighting, and make the consoles sit on the floor.

Im going to make more grander coruscant areas showing the imperials landing and basically taking control of that sector of coruscant. This shows how important the information is that the spy stole. Stormtroopers will be marching through the streets, and even capturing and shooting civilians at will.

Of course, this is a little extreme just to find one spy, so there wont be a huge number of imperials, and they quickly pull out, you will see that later on, once the task at hand is done. Cortez accepts no failure.

ewok mercenary 07-11-2004 06:21 AM

My main suggestion is to have a little play with the texturing and lighting in those last 3 pics - the colours seem a bit too random (not that it's colourful as such, but hopefully you get what I mean), and the base texture you've used doesn't look good with the rest of it. Try using similar textures for the rooms, and then use coloured lighting to make it even more interesting. :)

shukrallah 07-11-2004 10:57 AM

Hmmm, I dont really like that area too much, now that I think about it. Im going to delete it and add on to it. Most of the time when you redo something it looks better than the original. Ive got some new ideas for it.

I guess by the base texture you mean the wall texture?

Hmm, Im going to check out that imperial base level in Single Player (t2_depred?) where the guy takes your saber. Ill use that as a reference.

shukrallah 07-11-2004 10:11 PM

Ok, I ripped those up, and remade it... almost. Heres the main room:

but.. WHY IS IT SO DARK? I upped the brightness, and it looked just fine in game, even before I upped it, but its still dark. I upped it a lot. Anyways, I used some Byss, Kejim, Imperial, and Vjun textures for this, I had a little colored light over near the consoles, but not a whole lot.

shukrallah 07-21-2004 02:03 PM

I like that shot :) A new beta will be out soon I hope ;)

RJW_ca 08-01-2004 08:50 AM

I can help you add sounds or anytype of skinning just email me and let me know

Please you must use Hapslashes stormtroopers they would look so kool all together marching

I'm currently making a new luke looks alot like Mark hamill

I can get give you a skin of the actor who played Kyle in the old Dark forces JK game

I like the camera shots!!! nice work!!!


shukrallah 08-01-2004 01:01 PM

Thanks for your offer, but I dont need anymore skins. Im trying to keep the file size low, but have as much stuff in it as I can get. Considering the movie is staying in Jedi Academy (Im not recording it) anyone can download and install hapslashes models, and they work just fine in this movie. Ive got the models installed myself :)

keshire 08-15-2004 07:21 AM

If your going to animate it, be sure not to move the motion bone. This will make it easier when you go to script the npc's to use your new animation.

If you need tips I'm always open for advice.

shukrallah 08-15-2004 12:45 PM

Thanks! But heres the thing, I dont have any animating software, as of yet. N3G1@ has volunteered to animate for me.

If I want to animate, Ill have to wait for Wudan's Dragon.

Anyways, I got some pics (im not sure if I posted these here yet or not..)

Stake Black 08-16-2004 03:19 PM

Cool! I love it! I luv cutscenes!

Hey, im not so sure about your cam movements...I think that was a bit much of moving in circles u know?

Btw, what programs are u using?

shukrallah 08-16-2004 04:03 PM

Circles? Can you explain? I never made a full circle... It had some curved movements.. kind of.

Anyways, I use the usual programs:

GTK Radiant

BehavEd (Comes with the MP SDK)

I use q3map2toolz, because I think its more convienient.

I used FRAPS to record the trailer.

Stake Black 08-16-2004 08:28 PM


Originally posted by lukeskywalker1
Circles? Can you explain? I never made a full circle... It had some curved movements.. kind of.

Anyways, I use the usual programs:

GTK Radiant

BehavEd (Comes with the MP SDK)

I use q3map2toolz, because I think its more convienient.

I used FRAPS to record the trailer.

Yeah, i was talking about the curved movements... They could make some1 dizzy :D
Just kiddin


wedge2211 08-16-2004 11:12 PM

This rocks FRAPS' ass.

lassev 08-17-2004 04:38 AM


Originally posted by wedge2211
This rocks FRAPS' ass.
Hard to say. BE tried first this software to record my serpent logo video, but the result was very poor compared to the FRAPS recording he did afterwards. The quality was inferior by miles. Of course he had scarce experience of the program since it was the first time he tried it, but if I remember correctly, he mentioned it didn't mention supporting JA right away.

shukrallah 08-17-2004 09:05 PM

Ive tried it before... It wouldnt work. Its most likley my PC... I know Ive set it up right. I got a spider-man game working with it. You see, when I load it in JA the interface doesnt "appear" like it does with spider-man. I think its because GameCam uses OpenGL, and JA is mainly an OpenGL application :( I think only really good cards can use it, which mine isnt.

It does seem to be a "more well put together" application, when compared to FRAPS (considering... this one looks better and has other stuff...) not to mention you have to compress the FRAPS video a LOT! My trailer alone was over a gig.

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