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DarthMaulUK 07-09-2004 05:01 PM

Vacancy @ Lucaarts points to RTS
Saw this

'Senior Programmer, Game Engine
Develop, maintain and evolve core game systems, including Resource Management, AI, Scripting engine, and the like '

On the LA recruitment page. Looks like the RTS is still some time away but on its way at least


General Nitro 07-09-2004 09:43 PM


Admiral Vostok 07-10-2004 09:47 AM

Indeed, though if this is the case it looks like the next Star Wars RTS won't be out until some time after Episode III... which I think is good.

Darth Windu 07-11-2004 12:12 AM

I agree. A release just after (or at the same time as) Episode 3 would be optimal. Lets just hope they dont do the same things like Waitress Droid Workers in SWGB. Then again, it could still be released simultaneously with the film if there was enough co-operation between Lucasfilm and Lucasarts.

Admiral Vostok 07-11-2004 11:38 PM

Well ten months is a pretty short amount of time to make a decent computer game in, and that's if they hired a new person today.

joesdomain 07-22-2004 12:33 PM

I hope they do make a new star wars strategy game.

DK_Viceroy 08-01-2004 03:01 PM

I wonder though Is old george gonna make episode 7 8 and 9 as he originally planned if he did that would really finish off this and perhaps and future lucases could pick off since it's a galaxy and a galaxy with as many species as the star wars galaxy after the empire will rarely stay at peace for long it would also translate EU into fact.

Admiral Vostok 08-01-2004 05:47 PM

Lucas has said he definitely isn't doing Episode 7, 8 and 9. However if he did it certainly would not be movie versions of the EU like so many people seem to want for some bizarre reason.

General Nitro 08-01-2004 06:19 PM

Star Wars TV Series. Every Sunday on Fox. It would be a dream come true.

Admiral Vostok 08-01-2004 10:28 PM

Unless Lucas was making it, I would hate it :)

swphreak 08-02-2004 01:01 AM

I guess you hate the Clone Wars "micro-series?" And the new coming... er... "bigger-micro-series?"

I thought they were ok, but it was really stupid to cram the show into 3 minute episodes... that's just stupid.

I want a Space RTS like Homeworld 2. That would be awesome. Being able to control fleets of Star Destroyers and cruching the rebel fleet!

Admiral Vostok 08-02-2004 11:42 AM

Well I'll admit I haven't seen any of the Clone Wars series. So I'll reserve judgement.

DK_Viceroy 08-04-2004 10:39 AM

Well i suggest you have a little look at it since i'm Giving General Anakin SKywalker the Advanced Jedi starfight{based of the one he used} and the V-19 Torrent starfighter from the same short i belive. As well as the Fanblade Fighter to General Poggle since it was geonosian designed.

Admiral Vostok 08-04-2004 11:18 AM

Oh I will, I'll be getting the DVDs when they're released, but I missed the start so I didn't want to jump in the middle.

No good can come from starting a story in the middle ;)

DK_Viceroy 08-04-2004 11:22 AM

Considering since how unreliable things are in coming to europe i was lucky to see it at all all it showed were a handful of them in a bizzare order it started off with the muunilist conflict then ended with the recruitment of that creepy sith woman

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