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iMacThere4iAm 07-18-2004 11:03 AM

Has anyone seen the thread 'Raiders of the lost Pants' in the forum?
I will now start a similar thread here in a feeble attempt to liven this forum up a bit.
All you have to do is take a quote from the game and add the word 'pants' in the appropriate place.

For example
  • Whenever I smell asphalt I think of pants.
  • Now there go some pants I could ride with!
  • They had pants!
  • Thanks for the pants.
  • I still can't believe someone would steal my pants!
  • Nice pants! Where'd you find them?
  • He's back at the gas tower!
    He's got pants that kid.
  • Are we headed for pants up the road?
    No, we're in them.
  • Oh, just your average everyday pre-regulation destroyer-class solid-fuel recoil pants.
Please add to my list cos some of these are really lame and I need a laugh.

=MF=Dobbs 07-24-2004 05:37 PM

...your pants are fine. It's whats between them that scares me. :D

I'm looking for my pants.

...and if you come to the pants meeting with us, you'll find out what it is.

If you wanna buy pants, you should go find the rottwheelers.

...whats the matter? Don't like pants? It blew up. Uhh, sorry i missed that.

Cavefish got his pants in their hideout, you know. The entrance is totally hidden, unless you got those weird cavefish pants.

So far...

Greetings from Germany

jimmycracker 07-24-2004 05:52 PM

What do you know about our customers, Adrian? You've never even worn any pants!

Why you know I'd be wearing them right now sir, if it weren't for my... destablizing inner... pants condition.

Alia 07-31-2004 10:26 PM

The customer with the pants is always right.

They think I pantsed their beloved leader!

But then, who's got the pants?

Smells like he's got a pants leak.

What's in the pants?

Ben Whatsisname 09-02-2004 07:55 PM

I'm not dead, I just smell like it...
I can't believe these were skipped:

"I'm selling these fine leather pants."

"...take his pants and ride ahead..."

"Let out your pants and ride... Full Throttle..."

And, sadly, a mini-Kickstand Karaoke entry for this thread...

"December 61'.
my pants were way too tight
Still on my butt you see
both leg cuffs riding hiiiigh.
Right now if you sniffed 'em
you wouldn't breathe very well,
you'd need some oxygen
to score a break from the biker smell.

Is this the legacy of
this thread for too many
that I see?
The kind of boredom that's
discussin' the cloth above
and below my knees.
The "Great LEC's"
sequel axe fell on my head
Kickstand's dead and vacant now -
But, relax, it just looks that way instead.
After a while of
no wisecracks, updates or rants...
I have returned to you and
I'm back and so, too are my pants..."

F&@k the "sequel sadness" - Time to throw code! ;)
"Sorry for the inconvenience" - God

iMacThere4iAm 09-27-2004 08:53 AM

Wow that song is pure genius! You ought to write spoof songs like Weird Al Yankovic :D

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