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pat3001 07-28-2004 06:29 PM

MAking a Dedicated Server

I am trying to make a dedicated server and the game is not showing up on the main "internet" games list after i launch the server.

it does show up for me locally, and always says [UDP] next to the title (even though i never put that in).

I am confused about why it is not showing up and what this [UDP] thing means.

the code for my server is simple and runs as follows:

// Server Config
seta sv_hostname "............Server!"
//seta g_motd "woot"
//rconpassword "a clever password"

// gametypes
// 0 = FFA
// 3 = DUEL one on one tournament
// 7 = SIEGE
// 8 = CTF
set g_gametype 0

seta sv_maxclients 16
seta g_inactivity 0
sv_maxRate 10000
set g_allowvote 1
set timelimit 20
set capturelimit 20
seta g_forcePowerDisable 163837
seta g_weaponDisable:65531
set g_autoMapCycle 0

map mp/ffa1
map mp/ffa3

i'm using the jedi academy server pack for winrar and i have all the latest patches. can someone please help me!!!


acdcfanbill 07-28-2004 06:37 PM

say hello to the dedicated server forum :D

pat3001 07-28-2004 06:44 PM

oh, sorry, thanks for moving it

Amidala from Chop Shop 07-29-2004 03:51 AM

This has been covered before in the Dedicated Server forum. It's always a good idea to do a Search before asking a question, as your question has probably been asked before.

When you make a server locally, it will always be in your Local list is local. You are connecting to it locally, not over the Internet. Pretty obvious, isn't it?

If you have succeeded in making your server visible to others over the Internet, it will be in their Internet section because.....they are conecting to your server over the Internet. Makes sense, doesn't it?

Again, please read or Search the other threads in the Dedicated Server forum. There is a lot of information there waiting to be discovered.

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