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JediDrone 07-30-2004 07:17 AM

Configuring Server (min specs?)

In a couple of month there is an lanparty in my neighborhood en i want to set up an LINUX JA server.

What should be the minimal system reqs. for such an server if all slots ar used (20plyrs).

I just realize that i posted this in the wrong forum... sorry

acdcfanbill 07-30-2004 07:45 AM

moved... make suer to look around the dedicated server forum, you can probably find your answers :D

JediDrone 07-31-2004 06:00 AM

Thanks for moving.

I searched the forums but no luck. Alle info goes on about a WIN32 OS based upon an internet host.

I want to know what's the recommended system for linux in a LAN setting.

Amidala from Chop Shop 07-31-2004 10:45 AM



Technical Reference Guide - Details

INTERNET: Recommendations For Hosting

For optimal performance ..., it is recommended that Jedi Academy be hosted on a fast computer (PIII 700+) ...

...Having more than 128MB of RAM installed on the server system also improves network performance and stability.

Obviously, the faster the better. Dual-processor systems benefit from Linux's support for that.

And the maximum number of supported players is 32.

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