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Sky Master 08-09-2001 11:36 AM

At least 2 companies copy SW and its games.And are a little less profitable.

Rogue15 08-09-2001 12:44 PM

who would those companies be?

For the Empire.

Lynk Former 08-09-2001 12:56 PM

I'm confused already...


Sky Master 08-10-2001 12:36 AM

Walt Disney(Dummy) and another I don't know.

Redwing 08-10-2001 06:54 AM


At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge.

Sky Master 08-10-2001 12:09 PM

Er? What?

Jared 08-10-2001 06:28 PM

er.......he wanted a free post

I will wipe out every single Jedi Knight off the face of this planet!

Sky Master 08-10-2001 09:17 PM

I'm as confused as Former!

Lynk Former 08-11-2001 02:36 AM

The name's Lynk...

Sky Master 08-11-2001 06:07 PM

What ever.

Lynk Former 08-12-2001 03:23 AM


Rogue15 08-12-2001 03:40 AM

Disney World supports star wars, doesn't it? isn't that why there's a star wars week in may?

If you happen to find a powerful warrior whose face is hidden behind a helmet, staring in your direction, just know that the warrior is I, Rogue15.

Lynk Former 08-13-2001 11:03 AM

Iiiiiiii dunno... all these big corporations are in it one way or another...

Sky Master 08-14-2001 10:30 PM


Lynk Former 08-15-2001 11:03 AM

You're the one who started it... it's your fault

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